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RS Cain

Don't Look Back

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:00
A video for my newest song....
Watch the old man groove!!!
08/18/13 11:09:30PM @cooter:
Now dat's whut I'm talkin bout. Way cool, Bobby.
08/18/13 10:30:03PM @vig-wig:
You did? Hell, you did! Tres cool, Mr Cain.

08/18/13 12:30:42PM @rs-cain:
Michael and Gino;
Thanks so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed the vid! It's my first attempt at this sort of thing and it was a blast to do.
In case you're interested, I shot the footage with my phone, then edited it all together with Sony Vegas Movie Studio.
Thanks again!

Michael Stone
08/18/13 09:57:49AM @michael-stone:
Consider yourself 'schooled' ! This how to DIY when it comes to producing a music video.

I already loved "Don't look back", but this really fun video, just adds the right amount of sass to an already sassy track !

Well done. It made my day.

Now where is that camcorder of mine....?


Michael Stone

08/18/13 09:31:54AM @gene-smith:
Very cool video right here!


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