Rusty James
Rusty James
Rusty James

Have You Ever?

album: Still Smoking
genre: Rock
streams: 493

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My friend called me, On the phone today.I could hear the pain in his voice, As he said what he had to say.His wife just left him And he was lost and...
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New song from real life experiences.
Have You Ever?

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Rusty James
12/20/16 04:46:18PM @rusty-james:

Thanks. I think it's about time to write another song on the piano. :)

Abbey Rock Studios
11/24/16 05:00:58AM @abbey-rock-studios:

Those triple harmony guitars are killer. Pretty good piano playing for someone just learning too.
Like the way this song is put together, good arrangement, and the lyrics are universal truth.

11/12/16 11:16:35AM @trinity-venom:

Ok man, now that you finished I Must Be Loved for ErnE, and before you start on anything else, it's way past time for a new Trinity Venom song.
No more excuses; get on it asshat ! :)

Rusty James
10/25/16 06:11:10AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Bill. This is the first song that I ever wrote on piano as opposed to writing on guitar.
That "noisey fuzz" is actually a VST plugin called JamVOX that's made by Vox to replicate the sound of their amps, and I like it because it does sound pretty authentic to my ears.

bill b
10/24/16 11:24:51PM @bill-b:

The use of the piano adds  a nice rollicking quality, as does the eq  mix- which reminds  of the good ole 70s music lp's. thats something which I have come to expect from you. For some reason. The song is definelty a pure one-the use of the noisey fuzz comfirms this for me-and all though Im not usually one for vocals music unless its in a different language, I enjoyed the piece lyrics and all.

Rusty James
10/19/16 01:32:26PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Farrell. Still working on my piano pickin'. :)
The ES-339 Pro has quickly become my "go-to" guitar. And I used it in the single coil mode for this tune and it still has tons of sustain, plus, it has F-Holes !

Farrell Jackson
10/19/16 10:13:33AM @farrell-jackson:

Good classic rocker and good sage advice in the lyric Rusty! Huge comfort can come from small talk. Writing songs with a different instrument (piano in this case) can open doors that were previously locked. This song is a good example of that. The 339 has great tone and sustain.....I dig it man!


Rusty James
10/17/16 08:45:21PM @rusty-james:

I used the Epiphone ES-339 Pro on this one. This is actually the first song of mine that was written on piano instead of guitar.
Only thing I've done to any songs was to make a few of them available for DJ download, so that must be what the "updates" were.

10/17/16 07:12:59PM @fungus-dace-yates:
All sounds good here rusty. New guitar on this? Good to see ya back around on the site. Hey...whats (updated song) mean? Just changing pic or something? Says you updated a few tunes.
Rusty James
10/13/16 01:55:46PM @rusty-james:

It does sound good in this song Red, but that doesn't mean that banjo would sound good on all of my songs... :)

Red and The Neckersons
10/13/16 10:13:52AM @rusty-james-2:

Thanks for letting me play banjo during the verses. You know it's my contention that every song can benefit from a little banjo pickin' !

Rusty James
09/27/16 03:18:44AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Joe, appreciate it brother. This was one of those songs that practically wrote itself, which is always my favorite kind of song. :) The only difference with this one is that it was written on piano instead of guitar.

09/26/16 08:12:16PM @lostjoes:

well played rusty....dig the way it all comes together...

09/26/16 07:43:08PM @trinity-venom:

Good piece of songwriting. Decent arrangement, good instrumentation, nice job.
Now please get your ass on to writing the lyrics for the new Trinity Venom song that we finished recording tracks for last week. Slacker ! :)

Rusty James
09/26/16 06:00:50PM @rusty-james:

Thanks everyone !

Trish, this is another of my "true story" songs.
Ern, as old as we are, all of our stuff comes from the Wayback Machine, lol.
Just ask Mr. Peabody. :)
Gary, if you listen closely you will hear that it's actually three guitars in the harmony riffs instead of two.
Jim, this song just flew together man. Hell, I have another one that's completely finished music-wise that I started on over a week ago and still haven't written lyrics for, but this one jumped forth and demanded to be brought into existence.
I love it when that happens, wish all songs came so easily...

Tricia C
09/26/16 04:23:45PM @tricia-crawford:
Quite a story in the lyrics 👍
09/26/16 02:20:32PM @erne:

Way to go Rustyman. I like this, it sounds like its right from the wayback machine. "but I have" Cool.

09/26/16 11:31:58AM @ronbowes:

Sometimes you just have to get those emotions down in music. Sombre lyric, retro vibe on the tune and production. Well done, Rusty

Jims Artificial Earth
09/26/16 10:56:50AM @jims-artificial-earth:

A fine message, and I love how you put this together, Rusty! I'll be playing this tonight on the show! 

09/26/16 07:34:35AM @digital-j:

it's a good speed to kick off. I like the banjo.... the guitar is great lead.. :)

i like the song :) it is giving me some inspiration for writing my new track...

Great track, well done, love the guitar midway......

Rusty James
09/26/16 06:45:13AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Gary. That's the Epiphone ES-339 Pro in single-coil mode. :)

Gary Shukoski
09/26/16 06:21:26AM @gary-shukoski:
Love the twin guitar lead attack sir. Great harmonies!
Abbey Rock Studios
09/26/16 05:03:57AM @abbey-rock-studios:

That Abbey Road Studios Kontakt piano sounds pretty good. Like the way that you worked the banjo in on the verses too.
Lyrics are universal and I expect that a lot of us can relate to them.

Rusty James
09/26/16 12:12:59AM @rusty-james:

New song from real life experiences.


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