Rusty James
Rusty James
Rusty James

Who's To Blame?

album: Still Smoking
genre: Rock
streams: 467

  Song Lyrics
People talking all the timeSaying nothing, they're just mimesOf what others think.Never a thought of their ownDumber than a box of stonesIt's the same old...
  Song Information
This is one dedicated to the Butthurt Generation...
Who's To Blame?

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Abbey Rock Studios
11/24/16 05:03:17AM @abbey-rock-studios:

Man, what a great chord progression to the verses. Love the swanky swagger of that; very cool.
The lead breakdown is very reminiscent of the Black Sabbath "Heaven And Hell" era.
Hard to believe people aren't listening/commenting on this song.
Love the lyrics and whole attitude of it.

Rusty James
11/21/16 10:56:11PM @rusty-james:

Apparently this song itself must be offensive, or steps on people's toes, because only a few have bothered to leave a comment and not one single DJ has downloaded it, lol.
Oh f*^#ing well, I like it and the only reason that I write and record is for my own pleasure.
If you were offended by this song, get over it, lol.
No apologies will be forthcoming from this quarter. :)

Rusty James
11/21/16 07:00:21AM @rusty-james:

Same here Gary. The main thrust of this song is really about mindless idiots who believe everything that they see on the internet.
People who let the internet make their opinions for them piss me totally off.

Gary Shukoski
11/20/16 11:09:18PM @gary-shukoski:
I'm offended by people being offended of everything! Everyone needs to chill out and get over themselves!
Tricia C
11/18/16 10:41:26AM @tricia-crawford:
Lyrics so very true!! 👏
Rusty James
11/17/16 01:52:21AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Farrell, was going for a bit of Stones/Aerosmith swagger in the verses, and a little bit of the Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell album's vibe in the instrumental breakdown.
Ern, the full quote about nuts on the internet is:
"On the internet nuts are free
 To spread their lies." :)

11/16/16 02:28:04PM @erne:

Very thoughtful lyrics there Rusty. A bit of social commentary is always a thought inducer.   But HEY, "nuts are free on the internet". Very good.

Farrell Jackson
11/16/16 10:44:47AM @farrell-jackson:

Well done Rusty! I like your "Tell it like it is" attitude in the lyric. This is a great chord progression and melody!


Rusty James
11/16/16 08:38:23AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Dace. I have at least 10 new songs that were finished before I even started on this one, and they all need lyrics.
For me playing the music is where the fun's at; writing lyrics isn't nearly as much fun so I tend to slack on that.
Wait a live on a MOUNTAIN. How much higher are you going to run up them hills? :)

11/16/16 05:46:19AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Great lyrics Rusty. Its getting real hard to stay online or even watch the news. People tell me ignore it..I cant..its in my face. I should run for the hills now...
Rusty James
11/16/16 02:30:51AM @rusty-james:

This is one dedicated to the Butthurt Generation...


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