Rusty James
Rusty James
Rusty James


album: Walk Tall And Carry A Big Stick...
genre: Anthem Rock
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They kept trying to tell me that rock & roll was dead.Said,"throw away your guitar, grab a keyboard,and play Disco instead".I'm guessing they had too...

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Rusty James
12/01/16 03:56:16PM @rusty-james:

Thanks everyone ! I will take the Alice Cooper comparisons; the original Alice Cooper band was one of the best rock & roll bands ever.

11/30/16 05:37:24AM @shane:

yo Rusty ,,, lol,  somehow , i still want to call you Tsar !  :  )

Nostalgic music in your intro , and yeah, there is comparisons to some old Alice Cooper in your vocal.   with your title , 'Nevermore',, and the song pic  Raven,  Edgar Allen poe comes to mind ,, lol,  Thus quoth the Raven , Nevermore.    and by the way , thanks very much for your visit on my JANEWAY song post.    rOCK ON tSAR !  

11/29/16 03:53:14PM @erne:

Very very good Rustoman. I dig this from the easy goin start through the boisterous middle to the easy outro. You rock dude.

Jims Artificial Earth
11/29/16 03:45:06PM @jims-artificial-earth:
I love the Classic Rock Vibe you have here, Rusty. You are quite a smart songwriter, and the playing is top notch.
Tricia C
11/29/16 11:03:24AM @tricia-crawford:
Very great tune Rusty!!! The sounds mixed, lyrics... all very nice!!
Farrell Jackson
11/29/16 10:06:42AM @farrell-jackson:

Very cool intro Rusty! It sets up for the heavier main song nicely. I really like the effect your using on your vocal, it's reminiscent of the effects used on a lot of John Lennon's vocals. Excellent lead guitar and bass work here also and then you let us down easy with the mello outro. One good song and production here Rusty!

"Long Live Rock!"


Rusty James
11/28/16 05:51:10PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Charlie, the live vibe was exactly what I was aiming at with this one. :)
Appreciate the listen man.

Charlie Beige
11/28/16 05:48:36PM @charlie-beige:

Diggin this Rusty - felt like i was back in a pub having a few too many beers/joints and felt compelled to put my head in the speakers and bop my head while losing my hearing but loving it...a real live vibe.

Rusty James
11/28/16 02:45:23PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Dace. Appreciate it brother. This song came together so fast that I still have ideas for it left over in my head, lol.

11/28/16 02:26:15PM @fungus-dace-yates:
Do Dig! Epic stuff man! Im getting some Alice Copper vibes from the vocals. Loads of stuff going on here. You put this together very cool. Nice job!
Rusty James
11/28/16 01:02:10PM @rusty-james:

Thanks ! Glad you like it Ron. Gary the solos were courtesy of my Schecter Synyster Gates Custom Deluxe Limited Edition. :)
Bill, you know that I've always wanted to do a waltz. Can scratch that off my list now. :)

11/28/16 11:38:54AM @the-truevulgarians:

Quote Rusty James.... "Nevermore".... lol... very cool track Rusty... you certainly know how to surprise the listener with what follows after that intro... prolific doesn't begin to describe your creative drive dude!  I'll be spinning this on my next show this Friday!

Gary Shukoski
11/28/16 11:00:48AM @gary-shukoski:
Nice job, Rog...Red...Russ...HBRS...Trinity, whatever you're going by today! Epic Length rock song sirs! I like your structure here and the solos were really cool!
11/28/16 10:56:08AM @ronbowes:

Nice job Rusty. Love it.

Rusty James
11/28/16 08:16:59AM @rusty-james:

New Epic Rock Anthem. Dig it.


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