Rusty James
Rusty James
Rusty James

Journey's End

album: Walk Tall And Carry A Big Stick...
genre: Rock
streams: 538

  Song Lyrics
Long term obligationsAre like a yo-yo's string,Trying to pull me back upWhen low is where I swing.Don't you know what happensWhen things become like...
Journey's End

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Rusty James
12/29/16 03:54:06PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Jim. That fuzz sound was courtesy of JamVOX, and the neck pickup of my DeArmand M77T. Punchy heavy-ass bass was provided courtesy of me el cheapo Rogue violin bass.

Jims Artificial Earth
12/29/16 02:44:28PM @jims-artificial-earth:

Here's another one I thought I reviewed already. Doing it now. This is a very cool, super low down, heavy-heavy badass Rusty track! Man, that fuzz tone is killer, and great syncopated bits with the guitar and bass, too. That bass punches through pounds of fuzz and makes itself heard nicely. The lyrics/vocals are great, tells a cool story as well. A fine track, Rusty! 

Rusty James
12/24/16 02:13:03AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Mike. This riff had been kicking around in my head long enough, and I was way overdue to do something heavy. :)

12/15/16 10:45:43PM @mike-kohlgraf:

Great ROCKER, buddy!!! Very coll arrangement for a rock song like that. Great vocals and arrangement! You ROCK, bro!

Rusty James
12/14/16 12:50:31PM @rusty-james:

Thanks. Just redid the bass track on this with my el cheapo Rogue Violin bass and think that it sounds better on this song than the Epiphone Jack Casady bass did.

12/13/16 02:07:03PM @ronbowes:

Nice slice of heavy rock, Rusty. Solid song writing.

Tricia C
12/12/16 08:29:12PM @tricia-crawford:
Awesome song Rusty with very great drum action and very deep lyrics!!! Good job and nice LOUD! 🙂
Rusty James
12/11/16 05:04:45PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Leslee. Song sounds great on my page. Can't figure out why it doesn't when it gets played on Mix radio. Oh well, I like this mix just fine. :)

Leslee Allan Songs
12/11/16 04:00:46PM @lesleeallansongs:

song sounds cool to me, good mix, i can even hear the bass on my laptop speakers !

Rusty James
12/10/16 03:45:52PM @rusty-james:

I agree with you Red, has that edge to it.
We make a pretty good rhythm section working together. :)

Red and The Neckersons
12/10/16 12:56:39AM @rusty-james-2:

You know we grew up listening to a LOT of Black Sabbath, and cut our teeth playing their songs live. This definitely has a Black Sabbath undertone/structure to it, and I really enjoyed getting to play some Geezer Butler style bass on this one. :)
And believe it or not, I don't think that this one needs banjo or mandolin at all...

Rusty James
12/09/16 10:28:48PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Ern. This song was way too much fun to do.

12/09/16 08:04:43PM @erne:

Baddass song Rusty. Nice drumwork. Nicer when LOUD.....You go man.

Rusty James
12/09/16 08:40:04AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Dace. I think that I probably enjoyed playing my drums on this one more than anything else. It let me practice on my "Bill Ward/Black Sabbath" style drumming.
That fuzzy lead tone was a combination of my Guild/DeArmand M77T with those Guild USA Dynasonic pickups and the JamVOX guitar plugin on a tweaked Brian May setting.

12/09/16 08:28:25AM @fungus-dace-yates:
High Volume it is then!..:) I need altered the Title Rusty. Great fuzzy gain lead tone man! Drag time drums work killer here. The whole thing plan kicks ass!!! Sure enjoying the listen. The vibe..and mood. You did a great job on this bro. Awesome lyrics. Im gona have to blast this thru the big speakers! Super loud!
Rusty James
12/09/16 07:36:06AM @rusty-james:

WARNING: Intentional misuse by deliberately listening to this at high volume may result in states of altered consciousness.


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