Rusty James
Rusty James
Rusty James

Be Free

album: Walk Tall And Carry A Big Stick...
genre: Rock
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  Song Lyrics
No sense in worryingAbout things you can't control.All that will do for youIs leave a scar on your soul.Best thing to doIs free yourself and walk away.Yet I...
Be Free

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Rusty James
12/31/16 11:31:41AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Jim. The lyrics were written for a friend who needed a little encouragement.

Jims Artificial Earth
12/29/16 02:46:32PM @jims-artificial-earth:

I love the lyrics for this one, Rusty. A fine sentiment, needs to be shared. And another great track from Abbey Rock. 

Rusty James
12/20/16 07:48:29PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Farrell, appreciate it brother. I use the old Native Instruments B4 for all of my Hammond stuff. I have to use JBridge to make it work since it's an old 32 bit VSTI and my recording PC runs a 64 bit system, but it works great.

Farrell Jackson
12/20/16 07:06:05PM @farrell-jackson:

Very cool bass riffing and nice guitar harmonies Rusty! B3s add a lot to  songs. I should use more keys...thanks for the reminder.  Good vocals with words to live by "Be Free"!


Rusty James
12/20/16 04:20:57PM @rusty-james:

Shane, thanks a lot brother. Means much to me coming from someone who knew me back when I was in Pyramis. :)
I will take your word on the Blue Oyster Cult early sound, since I only know two BOC songs; Godzilla and Fire Woman.

12/20/16 04:10:02PM @shane:

aye Rusty! from what i've listened of your Tracks spanning some years, your recent works arrive at your own unique style and sound-  and if i try to make a kinda comparison to illustrate what's meeting my ears is , your music in these tracks is reminescent of Blue Oyster Cult early stuff.  

Rusty James
12/20/16 02:42:02PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Ron. I wanted to do some early 70s-style rock, and any time I can work triple harmony guitars into a song I'm having fun.

12/19/16 07:08:15PM @ronbowes:

Like the busy bass. Lot going on here, all held together by the vocals.

Red and The Neckersons
12/18/16 02:33:01PM @rusty-james-2:

Thanks for letting me play the B3 on this one. I hear a little Black Oak Arkansas vibe too.
You should redo the vocal track and sing it like Jim "Dandy" Mangrum would. :)

12/18/16 01:20:18PM @trinity-venom:

Nice. I hear some underlying Black Oak Arkansas party boogie rock vibes in the music.
The triple harmony unison guitars contribute a lot to that, plus the bass line is one that Pat "Dirty" Daughtery would be proud of. :)

Tricia C
12/18/16 01:08:51PM @tricia-crawford:
What great lyrics to 'Be free'. Excellent musicianship and lyrics cinch it!!! Kudos!
12/18/16 07:33:53AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Very cool Rusty. Nice guitar stuff going on. Lots of cool things in the mix. Really dig the guitars!
Abbey Rock Studios
12/18/16 07:02:17AM @abbey-rock-studios:

And here it is, the first song to come out of here since we changed the name from Hillbilly Rock Studios to Abbey Rock Studios. :)
Like the boogie rock/funk vibe.

Rusty James
12/18/16 06:32:22AM @rusty-james:

Good advice for those who might need it.
Take accordingly. :)


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