Rusty James
Rusty James
Rusty James


album: Walk Tall And Carry A Big Stick...
genre: Hip Hop
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Rusty James
01/20/17 12:38:45AM @rusty-james:
I used my 2002 Stratocaster with the SCN Noiseless pickups and S1 switch for the clean rhythm track, and my Guild/DeArmand M77-T with the DeArmand USA Dynasonic pickups for the lead track. Even managed to pull off feedback using the right combination of plugins. :)
Gary Shukoski
01/19/17 10:12:57PM @gary-shukoski:
I like the groove of this one. Cruising around tonight looking for new stuff to listen to and landed here for my first stop! Great job man! I like the clean strummy sound here. What guitar are ya using here?
Rusty James
12/29/16 02:05:53PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Bill. You know I'm not one to paint myself into a corner by doing the same old thing over and over again. :)

12/29/16 01:15:18PM @the-truevulgarians:

Very cool and kind of different from you.  Defo a man of many genres!  Nice job on this Rusty!

12/27/16 12:37:36PM @fungus-dace-yates:
Yes, sure does. .and in that it clarifies the top/end real nice also. But that might be the 3way speakers doing that?
Farrell Jackson
12/27/16 10:54:44AM @farrell-jackson:

Very cool Rusty! I think experimenting with new styles only makes a musician/songwriter better. This is way different than anything I've heard from you to date. It's a new perspective on your skills as a musician and producer and I like it!

As far as reviewing, it would be great if it were tit for tat but it's not for many reasons such as lack of time due to family/work commitments and a gazillion more reasons but it is what it is. I stopped thinking about it some time ago and just accept and cherish the reviews that come my way.

Happy New Year and I look forward to some new Rusty toons in 2017!


Rusty James
12/27/16 10:10:56AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Ern, you know I'm always experimenting with new stuff. :)
Dace, doesn't the bottom end on this sound great through big speakers?
It has that furniture moving effect at high volume, lol.
Used the Waves Renaissance Bass plugin on a tweaked Pensado setting and bam!, instant impact and punch.

12/27/16 09:51:18AM @erne:

Sounds perty cool Rusty.

12/27/16 09:50:19AM @fungus-dace-yates:
Man it sounded great with headphones, but I just pumped it thru the big speackers in control room and its INSANE! !! WOW BRO...VERY COOL Track! I personally love how rock and blues and jazz and metal go with hiphop or dance beats..this one of yours kills bro!
Rusty James
12/26/16 03:40:16PM @rusty-james:

Thanks Dace, a lot man. Not sure what the issue is with those who won't/can't leave comments for others. Hell, even the DJs that download my songs don't comment on them with the exception of Jim.
I just do music that I like now, for me.
If there are those who don't want to comment, so be it.
I say "F*ck 'Em And Feed 'Em Fish Heads". :)

12/26/16 02:21:48PM @fungus-dace-yates:
So cool Rusty. Great mixing of styles. Love that! If they would listen, they would like it. But then to get a word on our music??? Its a popularity thing I guess? Have no idea why most here won't comment. Its the whole point of being here. Anyway..I try to do all I can regaurdless what the mass is or is not doing. Great tune bro!
Rusty James
12/26/16 09:02:08AM @rusty-james:

Thanks Trish ! Apparently you are the only one who does, lol. :)
I had a blast doing this, so it's all good here.

Tricia C
12/24/16 02:57:59PM @tricia-crawford:
I really enjoy this song!!' And it's nice & long too!!' Great Mix of instrument sounds and lyrics I can enjoy singing along with!! 👏🎶🙂
Abbey Rock Studios
12/24/16 08:31:06AM @abbey-rock-studios:

Hmm... guess an old dog can learn a new trick. Love the bottom end on this one; nice and thick.

Rusty James
12/24/16 06:27:33AM @rusty-james:

Hip-Hop Rock. Dig it.
A Yuletide/Winter Solstice gift from Abbey Rock Studios.


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