Ryan Michael Galloway
Ryan Michael Galloway


album: Also Known As Ryan Michael Galloway
genre: Rock
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Heartbeat is a connection song about joining the universal beat of Earth Mother.
01/18/11 07:24:01PM @eshar:
A 5 star song if ever I heard one. Such a great up-tempo arrangement. Simply wonderful!
02/19/11 09:25:57PM @ryan-michael-galloway:
Hey, @Carol Sue! Actually, this has been recorded three times over the years. Two were in "D" and this latest in "A." This is the first time I sang lead on it. I was thinking about bands like Yes and Styx when I first wrote it. My wife thinks it's "dated," and I'd love to hear your opinion on that. This recording probably took about four or five hours BUT the mix was easily another 6. Producer/engineer Ron Logan is even better now. This was one of his earlier mixes and it's still pretty terrific.
02/19/11 09:23:03PM @ryan-michael-galloway:
Thank you, @Ainesha! Pleased to make your acquaintance.


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