Ryan Michael Galloway
Ryan Michael Galloway

Promise Me

album: Also Known As Ryan Michael Galloway
genre: Crossover
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Promise Me
02/12/11 11:39:19AM @ryan-michael-galloway:
Thanks, BillyD. I understand from my old publishing company that this was recorded by Glenn Frey of the Eagles but never released. Was never able to confirm that. As they say, progress in the music biz is when bigger and better things keep falling through! :-)
02/11/11 06:03:51PM @:
I love the harmonies in this one in particular. The chorus stands out clear and makes one want to sing along. The melody was great and I enjoyed the vocals. Great crossover sound, man. This is a great song. Well done...OH and the lyrics! Can't forget those...you write really well, man. Enjoyed hearing them delivered like this. Nice!
01/10/11 07:24:27AM @dave-meredith:
Hello... Nice crisp sound and well structured, no questions at all with that part. Nice chorus, very nice chorus structure. Verse's are solid too, clear vocal and no problems with the mix balance...

Thank you for sharing


01/10/11 10:06:03AM @ryan-michael-galloway:
Thanks, Dave...I appreciate it! RMG


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