Ryan Michael Galloway
Ryan Michael Galloway

Rock the Big House Down

album: Rock the Big House Down
genre: Rock
streams: 170

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Ryan Michael Galloway, lead vox, electric 6 and 12 string guitars Ron Logan, Background vox, organ Aaron Yuhas, horn arrangements, sax Michael "The Mudcat"...
Rock the Big House Down
09/30/10 09:21:58AM @cooter:
Another cool tune, Ryan. Love your instrumentation choices. Everything here works well together, to my ears. Vocals are spot-on, and the harmonies are way cool, too. Fine group of musicians. Great listen.
07/10/10 04:57:05PM @ryan-michael-galloway:
Thanks for the listen, everyone. Glad you're diggin' it! RMG
Farrell Jackson
07/10/10 10:30:54AM @farrell-jackson:
A good rockin' party song....as good as some of the Little Feat and Huey Lewis and the News songs. I like this a lot and the harmonica fits the production perfectly! Enjoyed it!


10/29/09 01:17:52PM @bigpete:
great fun rock track, party music, very well produced again, sure to be featured on my mix radio show (The Ride with BigPete)
10/28/09 06:18:09PM @amy-caldwell:
Hi there! Welcome to the Mix! It's a great place to find some great tunes! This is a very nice one for example! As has already been said...gotta love that harp! I like the arrangement, I's got everything. Sounds great played loud, bet it would be just killer live! Nice stuff!
10/28/09 04:42:10PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Welcome to the Mix, Ryan!!! Awesome tune! Really dig the whole tune, but the harp is extremely cool. Great big band rock sound! Awesome all the way! Vocals are stellar, so are the lyrics!

If you have time, tune into Saturday Night Rocks at 7pm this Saturday! You'll be on!!!


10/28/09 09:05:53AM @dazed:
Hey Ryan. Glad to see you made it over. Your mix on this sounds great and I like the guitar melody line. The chorus stands out nicely as well. The Organ was a nice addition to this tune. It really helps fill it out nicely. Awesome harp!!

Looking forward to having you on Mixposure. You are an extremely talented musician.



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