Saint Elouise
Saint Elouise

How This Will Work

album: Saint Elouise
genre: Pop-Folk
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Saint Elouise consists of lead singer, keyboardist and guitarist Christina Berg. Her vision for the band began two years ago, and was quickly formed into...
How This Will Work
Brett Service
11/04/13 01:23:07PM @brett-service:
Great melodic flow to this song, recorded exquisitely, and your voice has a wonderful tone to it. Glad I happened upon your site here today. Following...cheers, Brett
12/16/11 04:57:04PM @cooter:
Love the attitude. Digging the instrumentation. This tune has some wonderful character. Love it.


Mista Perez
12/16/11 12:02:14PM @mista-perez:
This was a phenomenal Listen. Love the lyrics and song structuring on this. The melody line was absolutely fantastic. Excellent song. Thank you for the listen and download into my colection of wonderful music that Mixposure offers.


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