If I Was Your Man

album: Saturated Music
genre: MRA2013
streams: 155

If I Was Your Man
03/01/14 04:44:39PM @ron-kauffman:
Awesome +10....just a bit more said :). I'm a fan....a dedicated fan. Love your music Sat. Peace, Ron
01/12/14 11:40:55AM @the-truevulgarians:
Saturated at his best. Can only dream of making my way around an acoustic guitar the way this dude can! Like everything about this tune, including some excellent singing! Do yourself a favor and check this out!
Michael Stone
01/12/14 10:50:45AM @michael-stone:
Saturated.... The guitar playing is top flight. You amaze me every time. I love the lyrics, vocal performance and production! Job well done ! Can't wait for more... But let me wear this one out first, though I doubt I'll get tired of it .... It's the new 'Monkey on my back' ... in a good way ...
Farrell Jackson
01/11/14 10:46:30AM @farrell-jackson:
Without a doubt you how to rock an a acoustic guitar Sat! Your percussive playing style serves you and the song well. Excellent playing, vocal, and words.


01/11/14 05:16:56AM @david-c-deal:
More fantastic power acoustic playing and singing.
01/11/14 01:55:22AM @gene-smith:
Awesome. Nuff said.


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