Roses in a Glass

album: Saturated Music
genre: Rock
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Roses in a Glass
10/06/15 10:28:46AM @galacticore:
Real nice song........the old Spectra 80 sounds good.
10/04/15 03:48:44PM @saturated:
Thanks Brian, Gene and Farrell! All guitars on this are my les paul.. amp wise a bit different for me. One side I plugged straight into the focusrite and and using the Shred Amp Sim - Marvel crunch with a ts-808 plugin for some extra fuzz.. the other side I dragged out an old spectra 80 practice amp, mic'd with an sm 57.. over driven and then also had the ts-808 plugin over it. Solos are also the spectra 80 tube screamer combo.
Farrell Jackson
10/04/15 02:52:15PM @farrell-jackson:
A great rocker Sat! Excellent words, vocals, guitar and production. Love the heavy rhythm and lead guitar tones. Which guitar and amp or sim combo?


10/03/15 06:40:17PM @gene-smith:
Great track Sat!
Mister B
10/03/15 12:53:02PM @brian-brooks:
I heard this last night on the radio - what an excellent track!!


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