Drunk Clowns Driving a Cement Truck

album: Drunk Clown Trilogy
genre: Metal
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Background vox by the infamous DRUNK CLOWN MOB at
Drunk Clowns Driving a Cement Truck
carol sue
10/20/17 07:53:34PM @carol-sue:
Tag it~ Mixposure classic!! hehe..
07/20/13 12:07:43AM @mach:
I remember this from way back. I'm glad I re-visited a classic Saturated tune with a variety of musical genre goodness. Mad as a box of frogs! Great stuff man!


08/19/11 06:49:31PM @america:
The intro is classic. And the clowns driving a cement truck would make a funny music video. I can just see it now! great job:)
09/28/10 08:46:41AM @mark-reed:
This is an entertaining listen, loved how you stitched this one together. An imaginative very well composed piece well done
04/06/10 06:19:19AM @siphaeon:
I see someone else has also combined clowns and metal :)
Anyways, well done track, good sounds and good mixing. Lot of skills as well as humor and though the only 'worse' thing are the vocals, they still have that '80s old school vibe in the chorus. I bet you've listened your fair share of Suicidal Tendencies, eh? Overall well done song with skills, humor and catchiness to give it more than one play. Cheers!

03/19/09 01:40:25PM @the-autumleaf:
Solid Groove...the connection bit is really catchy ...Excellent Drumming and Rhythm guitars...power stuff
Enjoyed it
Jay from The Autumnleaf

07/15/08 02:01:24PM @serious-music:
Wow, what a powerful track and very variously. I have downloaded for Wednesday 17th July - when my radio-show is. You are one of my favourite musician! Your work is always full of my taste.
07/06/08 07:31:40PM @ked-records:
Sat!!! you have to be one of the most musicaly inventive artists i have ever heard. Your sense of humour not only shines in your lyric but your music actually injects some extra tickle to go along with the fun. But more than that.. your incredible guitar chops! from blues to serious metal thats just way frikkin wild.. I dont know of anyone other than you who could pull this off!!!.. you sir are a true craftsman! and i just freakin love this song..
06/29/08 09:26:54PM @diva:
With a title like this, I HAD to give this a spin. That intro had me laughing on the floor. Actually, the whole song. Lord knows where we get our inspiration, and I hate to ask about this one ... but this is a killer tune. Love the thinking-outside-the-box creativity. Even the ending was not what I expected. Cool beans.



09/01/08 04:18:05PM @autopilot-club:
LOL, as funny this is, it`s pretty awesome at the same time. You`re Very Creative! "Does humor belong in music...", aso :)
Love it

05/14/08 09:35:08PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Ok, I am laughing AND applauding! This is a GREAT track!!! :)
Rob Grant
11/21/07 08:27:56PM @rayon-vert:
Pretty darn interesting. Wasn't sure at first, but...WHEW!!! You really pulled off a cool song. Great playing in all areas. LOVED the changes.....Really cool song :-)


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