Analog daydreams

genre: Dance
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This is a Dance/Trance track i produced in summertime when i was in a very good mood. (lol)Therefore i think it has a very uplifting vibe to it.Hope you...
Analog daydreams
DJ Reign
02/12/17 01:09:34PM @dj-reign:
Holy moses, ..
Im not sure if you remember me but I remixed this AWESOME tune !
WOW, must be coming up 10 years ago or close.

Im literally just getting back into the music game after a looooong downtime lol,
see you around, ...

stay groovy mate ;)

05/31/09 07:48:46AM @mark-reed:
Good intro, the drum and bass are working well together. Once this warms up it begins to really go places. Some nice sounds and ideas with this one. Long but it kept my attention well nice work


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