Scattered Screws
Scattered Screws

The ground is sinking

album: The long road
genre: Acoustic Rock
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  Song Lyrics
  The curse of another sunny day   Fate gave us three years without rain   Pumping water from down below   Digs us deeper into our hole...
  Song Information
A small song about the drought in California and dire times for farmers in the Central Valley.
The ground is sinking
08/25/14 07:42:45PM @scattered-screws:
Thanks for your comment @Farrell-Jackson and all the best! The song was inspired by a recent article in the SF Chronicle. Seems that people outside the SJ Valley have not grasped the situation yet.
Farrell Jackson
08/24/14 04:59:15PM @farrell-jackson:
Great lyric Scattered Screws! I see it every day as more and more orchards are dying of thirst and farmlands go fallow and begin to blow away. Calif. is one of the states that doesn't have any regulations on ground water of the reasons the under ground aquifers are collapsing which causes the ground to sink. Our Representatives in Sacramento need to fix that before it sinks to a point where there's no cavity for the water to be replenished. Sorry for the long rant but I live in the S.J. Valley that is greatly impacted by this 3 year drought...Any way cool song!


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