Self Tort
Self Tort

Mid Life Crisis (Acoustic Version)

album: The Tort Stripped Bare
genre: Acoustic
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Well the face in the mirror don't look like me There's skin on my head where my hair used to be Can't fit into my last year's clothes Can't touch my navel,...
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Pretty much my signature tune, this one. I wrote it when I was in a cover band called "Mid Life Crisis" . The electric version is included on my debut CD...
Mid Life Crisis (Acoustic Version)
P Eric Bailey
01/22/15 11:26:35AM @p-eric-bailey:
Hi Brian:
I was cruising around on the site and took a listen to this. Been a while since I've heard your music. I love this tune. Your voice is truly exceptional.I hope you are doing well in down under country.


Lyrical Princess
01/22/15 02:45:08AM @lyrical-princess:
I was getting ready to call it a night, but thought I'd listen to just one more song. I'm sure happy that I landed on your page. I smiled the entire time I was listening. Funny how so many of us can relate to your words. I see the humor in this, but it's real .. So true. I admire your skill for writing. Overall , I'd have to rate this 5***** . Just going to sleep knowing that I'm not alone in this mid-life crisis, makes me happy as a lark. LOL ~ Awesome track!! Thank you for the D/L ~

All The Best,

04/03/09 01:57:10PM @slowmarchingband:
Brian - Nice, upbeat acoustic opening. I'm a 55 yr. old 'baby-boomer' so I can relate to the lyrics man!! One guitar and one voice has always been the honest, where the 'rubber meets the road' style of music that I really like! you did this one well!! I'll be checkin' out a lot more of yer songs..
08/05/08 06:37:52AM @am-pm:
I like the lyrics!....cant touch my navel, cant see my toes. Its really well written. No matter what I wear my belts too tight! Mind sending me the lyrics if you have somewhere readily accessible. I just like it!
Thanks for sharing

05/07/08 07:37:32PM @jeff-lustick:

First of all thank you for taking the time to listen to and comment on my song Solutions-much appreciated!!!!

More importantly I just spent some time listening to some of the songs on your site-really good stuff. The guitar in the beginning of this song definitely got my attention and , as a midlifer, I couldn't help but smile at the truths contained in humorous song. I will be back to continue to listen!!

04/01/08 03:56:16PM @tcp:
Another lesson in acoustic handling. You are amazing with that thing Brian. Interesting progressions and strum patterns...very cool. Great fun song. Would love to see your live act...all I need is plane ticket and some time. Nice work with lots of spirit!! ~Blake
02/21/08 01:12:05PM @chrickon:
Great tune with excellent performance!! guitar sounds great but your vocals is AWESOME !!

Farrell Jackson
02/20/08 11:19:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Brian....I'm liking this acoustic solo side of you! The acoustic guitar sounds great and the quick strummed rhythm is a blast as are the lyric. Boy howdy can I relate to the lyric and yes without any choice "I'm happy with my mid life crisis with a belt that's too tight, keepin' away from food with spices, and don't need no extra vises", lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great delivery on the vox! Enjoyed the heck out of this one.......Errrrr.....excuse me gotta run to the john, LOL!


02/19/08 11:13:20PM @david-williard:
Intimate and immediate. You captured the guitar tone perfectly. Sweet song with emotion and flare. Thanks.
02/19/08 09:08:47PM @michael-nunley:
Hey, this "the way it sounds live" thing is workin' for you.

Lyric is a hoot man. - and as I'm on the back side 'o 40 ....i'm wit ya man.

02/19/08 08:57:17PM @bri-an:
Smokin performance !! enjoyed this version very much!! wooooo! excellent vocals Mr B !
02/19/08 08:47:26PM @diva:
The opening guitars and vocals are pretty catchy. Super vocals -- love the intensity and edge in the singing. Very nicely done.
02/20/08 05:23:21AM @robert-smith:
Hey this is cool. Like the acoustic sound - had a bit of a chuckle with the vocals too. At 39, looks like I've got a lot to look forward to!


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