Self Tort
Self Tort

Son of John

album: Tortology (not yet released)
genre: Ballad
streams: 218

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Son of John, by **** lines Destroyed Baptised by flames, oh tempered heart Too late As I wade through your seas of hope Clad only in my faith To wear the...
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Talk about scarping the bottom of the barrel. I was cleaning out my office at work during January and found a music book that I had purchased when I was...
Son of John
01/23/10 08:34:57AM @wray:
Love the tune! How's it going? Long time, no hear. My kids immediately popped in the room and started dancing to this track. That's a testament to a good tune if I ever saw one! Awesome.
04/05/09 09:59:58PM @king-cake:
Great song! I heard the Procol Harum influence, and also a hint of Jack Bruce in the vocal. I really loved the melodic guitar solo and the arrangement. Now I need to go click Play again.....
01/20/09 03:12:43PM @tcp:
I came here to listen to the song because it's one of my faves here on Mixpo....not to review it. To my surprise, I haven't reviewed it...what's wrong with this?

First, the chord progressions against the vocal line absolutely kills me..the chorus is just dynamite, and so are the lyrics.

Second, the emotive feeling in this song.

Third, the arrangement and playing so well suits this songwriting gem. It just plain works so well, dripping with the musicality that IS Self Tort.

Fourth, the soulful vocal performance.

You hit all the buttons on this one Brian. Sheer pleasure to listen to. You capture the magic big time. ~Blake

10/07/08 09:24:26PM @rob-favre:
Great production Brian! Love the organ, and your usual outstanding vocals carry this through. Perfect lead guitar tone and pace around 3:30ish as I've said before...perfectly put together!


09/11/08 01:47:37AM @test4454:
Love the organ in this one - really adds passion to the song. Guitar is calm at sea - just right for this tunes atmosphere. And that minor chord... a tear jerker ; )) Well done Brian - beautiful piece!
Cheers, Bob

07/11/08 05:29:32PM @henry-tarnecky:
This is one great sounding track Brian... from the opening organ and first few vocal phases I was drawn in. Your genuine soul qualities drip from your voice... wonderful supporting sound & some very nice abstract lyrics at wotk in this one too... for example:
Or go trawling through the low dives
Picking up the high fives
Trying to find some drive
A will to survivie
What tricks my mad mind plays

You have a wonderful musical character my friend! very Nice.... Henry

Luca Wulf
06/09/08 09:27:45AM @huge-artist:
Well as ever Brian,whenever I ever listen to your music,I end up thinking about all kinds of things....
Jim's review,where he said you should be a millionaire...
You know,that is so true.
It's not BS,or fluffy reviewing,or any of those other forum terms.
It's just one man sitting alone with a song and wondering WHY he is listening to it on an omd.
When I think about all th greats like Van Morrison etcetera...
I imagine him standing there,the way he does,and just delivering this song in the way you have here...
All would proclaim it as another classic in a long line of classics.
So,with a little more thought,you come to understand that inside a musican is a musican.
He may strive for the bright lights and big money,but when that doesn't happen,there is where you seperate the muscians from the fortune hunter.
Not much reward,just what he can sell,just the odd kind word along the way.
But as you listen to aong like this,you realise this guy ain't doing it for any of those things,he's doing i because it is as natural to him as breathing.
You are that good mate,I have no reason to say it other than to honestly mean it.
Does it matter what I or anyone else says.....?
Interesting thought...
I have a feeling the music would roll no matter what,that it is beyond the hit and run review culture of OMD's.
It's being set down in time,as part of man's life upon the earth.
When you look back and see what you have forged across the years,it must feel good inside.
Yes,you are that good.


04/30/08 10:20:43AM @lex-zaleta:
You are on a major roll, my friend! This is yet another in a series of extremely well-written tunes that you've captured "on record" for the world to share. It's evident that a lot of care has gone into these lyrics, both in the sound and the sense of things. Of course, the performance is first rate, as it always is with your work. Congrats!
The RatMan
04/02/08 10:25:22PM @the-ratman:
Real nice piece here brian, you have a real good vocal going on here, very pleasin to the ear, nice job my friend, and of course your guitar is mighty fine. Catch you on the flip side my Ausie Bud. The RatMan!
04/02/08 07:06:39AM @syngularity:
The first organ tone made me sit still. Brian, I think I've told you that I'm a fan of Gary Brooker, the certain touch of melancholy and strength in his works as the ones with Procol Harum. You're keeping that spirit with your ballads in the modern age, with your own identity, your details and edges, but with the same master skills and love and passion. Thank you.
04/02/08 04:57:26AM @ab2:
I just read your info for this one Brian, and yes, I can sure hear the Procol Harum sound in this one...I`m so pleased to have lived through the hey day of this kind of music...You`ve composed a wonderful song with this one, such a pleasure....A lovely listen, thanks..xx

Peace n love mags xx :-)

04/02/08 01:23:39AM @tlt50:
To have this much talent ...just doesn't seem fair.!! The sound and performance on the keys is superb !!! The chord progression you created flows with intrique and interest. Throw in the famous Self Tort vocals and the ear for production and (Damn' I forgot you play the guitar with ???? tasteful excellence} no wonder your music is OUTSTANDING......A lawyer too ....SWEET !!
cheers mate,

Larry T.*****

04/01/08 08:33:02PM @wrightdude:
Love the strong gritty vocals! well crafted composition with interesting chordal turns! tasty touches of guitar w/great classic tones..... excellent listen!
KB Bren
04/01/08 07:00:05PM @kb-bren:
Great song Brian! Love the vocals and keys, you have a great delivery in your music. thanks for sharing. KB
04/01/08 06:46:19PM @syntopia-music:
what a great tune, love the Organ sound all my fav style from the 70`s in this track, wonderful work. love it
04/01/08 05:16:49PM @mike-s:
Hello there, great singing sir. Can't think of who you sound like but a monster of a voice. A lovely complex melody and arrangement- this is truly fantastic. Might even remind me a bit of a track by a band called "the syn".
04/01/08 12:34:53PM @brian-mattson:
I get the PH feel, but this is all you for sure. Excellent ballad that evokes a strong control over the listener. This one got my attention and wouldn't let go. Love it!
04/01/08 11:37:51AM @mark-reed:
Nice work on this, liked the Procal Harum feel to the keys. Very emotive lyrics, well delivered. Enjoyed this one
04/01/08 11:05:35AM @am-pm:
Brian; your vocal delivery between 2:29 and to 2:40 is so damn elegant and filled with emotive energy - really really cool.
Do you mind sending me the lyrics?? Just wanna listen to the song from the an angle of knowing what you are singing.
Thanks for sharing

04/01/08 10:59:33AM @mike-kissel:
Great melody Brian. Th eproduction is top notch and the instrumentation is the high standard you've always performed. Great work to all.
Mike K.

Farrell Jackson
04/01/08 10:56:28AM @farrell-jackson:
Great ballad Brian! Both Rob and Bri-an mentioned PH and I agree but this song is definitely all you with your unique style. The organ sounds good and it's a well written song and lyric!


04/01/08 09:14:02AM @bri-an:
Hey Mr B...i remember hearing this toon on Nexus....and the comments i made on it then.(cause you were asking) but it was for the mix at the time....
I only go for the content as i cannot hear past the realm of 24kbps ( unless it was d/l)
I love the unusual placement of lyrics in the "son of john"..amist the very classic progressive chords (procal harum feel..yup, )then onto the great hook of the chorus (which for me was a ian hunter-mott the hoople) feel.. your influences are coming out very strong in this composition, i enjoy hearing what you create! as always, the lyrics are well written and delivered with a stlye that is yours alone. excellent work.

Rob Grant
04/01/08 07:21:25AM @rayon-vert:
BRIAN!!! The organ is KILLER!!! haved pegged the feel and sound of early Procal Harum. WHAT a BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! Man, you are the new Gary Brooker........SUPER JOB!!If there's a DL available....I'll be there :-) SUPER!! Very well written song in an excellent style.....WOW!

Gary Carciello
04/02/08 12:21:36AM @gary-carciello:
Another top level performance from you...beautiful classic rock sound and interesting sollutions in chords and arrangement!!!
I like your guitar lead too.Good work!!!

Gary C


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