Self Tort
Self Tort

Parasite (MTW backing track) January Challenge

album: January Challenge
genre: Mixposure Song Challenge January 2009
streams: 98

Parasite (MTW backing track) January Challenge
03/06/09 11:34:06AM @tcp:
Can always count on you to feel it, sell it, live all comes out in the performance. Brilliant vox outing here Brian. Don't know if you have lyrics since there's something wrong with the site displaying song info on the page. I haven't been tracking this January challenge thing at all....but this is a real nice song and with your's a great song. ~Blake
02/20/09 05:42:58AM @richard-john:
A powerful rendition, with loads of feeling. A well sung contender.

Rob Grant
02/19/09 08:28:10AM @rayon-vert:
Brian!!! *pat*pat*pat*......hehehehehehehehehe!!!! FRICKIN" POWERFUL VOX!!!!, BUD!!!! NO SH@T!!!! You REALLY RAWKED IT OUT!!! Very impressed with this version!!! Great job, Dear Sir!!!

02/18/09 05:16:26PM @saladin-de-tolosa:
Deep ambienc efor this very beautiful piece ( can I say " as always"?) .
02/18/09 08:03:56PM @winters-resurrection:
Excellent voice, Self Tort! You are able to make someone "feel" the emotion, I like what you've done here. I have to say, I identify with your version of the song. Glad you had fun with this, it was a joy to hear! Who said us old guys can't rock? ;)



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