Proper Perspective feat. Paul Dempsey

album: Proper Perspective
genre: Ballad
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Proper Perspective Lyrics by Paul Dempsey   (v1) Your life seems always in crisis High heels or flats, what to choose I knew a man who met a...
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Proper Perspective is from our newest album, released in March 2015. Paul Dempsey from California wrote all lyrics. We made some albums in five years together.
Proper Perspective feat. Paul Dempsey
06/16/18 02:47:21PM @serious-music:
Tricia C:
Love the way this starts.. a bit of a 'marching' touch and your vocals are so beautiful! I so hope you are doing more for us! Inge you have such a unique and inquisitive style! Thank you! :)

Tricia, Thank you again. I have much much more songs, oh yes. Will take a look in my archive.

05/11/17 11:33:34AM @serious-music:
Thank you so much for spending your time and wrote a review.
03/26/16 01:26:51PM @vig-wig:
I like the the bass fiddle or whatever it is(that sounds like "Eleanor Rigby").I like how it builds up to a peak and then starts over again. In my mind I can see it on a top 40 chart.
04/19/15 12:57:19PM @mach:
A great sounding mix of instruments placed properly. Very original and an excellent listen. Good to see you again.

04/18/15 12:39:13PM @serious-music:
Great thanks Jim.
04/18/15 12:35:36PM @serious-music:
Thank you very much Joseph and Rusty.
04/18/15 08:34:30AM @josephrodz:
great music from a great artist,love it!
welcome back to mixposure!


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