Shawn Adam Williams
Shawn Adam Williams
Shawn Adam Williams

We Have Had Enough

album: Deep Within (Single)
genre: Blues
streams: 26

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We Have Had Enough Written by Shawn Adam Williams Intro: Guns and violence on TV Politics, loss of loved ones Negativity, bitterness and hatred all...
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We Have Had Enough: The Story Behind The Song “We Have Had Enough” is written for those who watching the news, reading the newspaper about riots,...
We Have Had Enough
06/12/18 08:52:12PM @shawn-adam-williams:
Pete Jon Tebar:
Hey Shawn, it's good to make your aquaintance. Loving what I hear man, really appreciating the deep message. I want to thank you for sharing your music with us. BTW, love your soulful vocals. Keep it up :)
Thanks so much! Please download it on ReverbNation and SoundCloud


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