Who Knows

album: Sketches & Scribbles
genre: Unknown
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One of three from an afternoon's recording with Ruth
Who Knows
03/08/10 11:25:51PM @genghisken:
Again great vocals here, with excellent instrumentation. the soft and subtle sounds coupled with the lovely voice, a perfect blend. Excellent work, I'm glad I got to hear this on Big Pete's Mix Streaming radio show tonight!
03/03/10 01:36:01PM @bigpete:
I really love your artistic approach, its great alt rock the way I love it too, again all performances are just right and the vocal performance is just stellar again, just the right tone and beautiful.
03/02/10 08:14:53AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Perfectly judged song (with a hint of Low about it), absolutley my style of music. Everything understated and restrained. Great track. ftlpope


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