Silvano Stasolla
Silvano Stasolla
Silvano Stasolla

Orient Xpress

genre: Oriental Rock
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I've always been intrigued by oriental scales since I heard John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra...just had to make one. LOL
Orient Xpress
Doug Dickens
03/23/17 06:41:42PM @doug-dickens:
Excellent ...
Silvano Stasolla
03/18/17 04:12:25PM @silvano-stasolla:
Thanks for your kind words and encouraging comments!
bill b
03/18/17 02:23:34PM @bill-b:
Its a great track and I like it a lot.
Funny I must be from the east because it sounded normal to me-I dont hear anything oriental, or maybe because you play so well and I have no knowledge of scales.

Farrell Jackson
03/18/17 11:33:40AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent drum track to this and some fine guitar work using the oriental influenced scales. Nice production and performances!


03/18/17 09:31:38AM @ronbowes:
Reminds me a bit of Brand X and Soft Machine - well, with McLaughlin as an inspiration that is not so surprising ;-). Great track and cool axe work. Oh, and welcome to the site ;-)


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