One Night Stand

album: This Life
genre: Rock
streams: 90

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(R.Allen/J.Brandon)Taken from the 2014 This Life CD by SilvertrainSilvertrain are Richie Allen, John Brandon, Rick Parkhouse & Tim...
One Night Stand
04/16/18 06:44:53PM @silvertrain:
Thanks for the comments guys that's really cool to see.
Silvertrain hasn't been a thing for a good few years now but I love that the songs still get played and will upload a couple more and open the download links.
Sorry I haven't replied before now and thanks once again!

Lyrical Princess
03/02/17 07:03:37PM @lyrical-princess:
Checking in to see if you've posted anything new. It's been a while since I've been here. When I go to the chat I always get a double dose of this song. I don't even have to ask anymore... hahaha (during Vigs show). Still sounds Awesome!!!
Lyrical Princess
02/23/15 04:32:39PM @lyrical-princess:
Stopped by to see if you've added anything new. I see that you haven't. That's a shame. But it would be a bigger shame not to stay a while and get a dose of what's here.. I still LOVE this song!!!! You can get that verified in the chat. LOL ~ I noticed that you have it up for D/L now. So naturally, I grabbed a copy. Thank you so much. Also, I forgot to rate this last time I was here. I give it 5*****+***** Such a great song :)
Lyrical Princess
06/28/13 01:24:21AM @lyrical-princess:
I wanna dig my teeth in.. Yeah.. Just relax and let go... Man, I love those lyrics.. Love the vocals when they go down real low.. Very sexy... I don't care what anyone says.. You guys Rock!! I do hope you'll be posting more tunes !! 5***** Only one thing wrong with this song... No D/L :(

All The Best,

04/07/13 11:41:40PM @digital-j:
I love this track, its very good to listen to your stuff...

Great work, im a fan!! :)

Farrell Jackson
04/08/13 11:35:50AM @farrell-jackson:
Good song and production. I like the semi radio effect on the lead vocal. The beefy rhythm guitar during the chorus is a good attention grabber followed by the equally good solo. I like it.



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