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Z Best

By zefuldar, 2016-06-12
Z Best

I just released a "Best Of" album that you can download  here .

It includes songs from many of my different bands. It's 22 tracks and about 2 hours of music!


King George -- Z gets Political

By zefuldar, 2009-11-22

I recorded this quite a while ago now.

Still proud of it. 

But I think it's about 2 minutes too long.... :D




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A Short History of Z

By zefuldar, 2009-11-21

I started seriously recording in 2004. Since then I have written

about 300 songs. 

My first band was Divergent Future, and I released about 6 albums under that name--mostly experimental electronic fusion (serotonin scream, anamnesis, radio hostile, 1893, sinner, and all alone).

I met Dace on the original Mixposure, and we formed Damnation Allies. We did 3 albums together (Eternal, DNA, and Haunted Souls), and we also played live in Georgia. 


About a year ago, I formed a Metal Band called Gotham Steel, and have released 2 albums (and am most of the way done with a third). The first two albums are called Forged In Pain, and Genetic Mutation.


About the same time Gotham Steel formed, Dace and Mikey formed a Metal Band called Our Sanctum. I have played bass with them live, and contributed some tracks, and helped with mastering others for them.


Recently, I closed the door on Divergent Future, and formed a new band

called SKIN DEEP. It is very much like what Divergent Future used to be,

but I have improved SO MUCH (production, vocals, and guitar playing),

that I think the new material deserves its own space and name.


Confused yet? I am!  :D


Also, in the early days, I used the band name "Thaedeus Zefuldar"

and used to sign my posts "--zef". Well, people started calling me "Z"

so I shortened my signature to "--Z" then "Z"


That should help a little on the confusion.....

I will explain the gear I use and my processes in another post.










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