St Aladin
St Aladin

The Master Key (Prayer)

album: It´s All About You
genre: Contemporary Christian
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The Master Key (Prayer)   Central´s never busy - always on the line You can talk to Jesus all of the time It´s a royal service, free for every one If you...
The Master Key (Prayer)
09/28/10 11:25:06AM @eshar:
What a great and inspiring song. The vocals and lyrics were excellent. Yes, it's a truly beautiful composition which I'm certain will get many plays.
09/28/10 12:50:58AM @lodato:
Beautiful piece. I'm not Christian but I enjoyed the listen non the less.
09/27/10 06:00:16PM @cooter:
Very nicely done, conception to delivery. Great voice, spot-on harmonies. A pleasure listening.



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