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One More Time

album: One More Time
genre: indie rock
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  Song Lyrics
One More Time If I could just be with you – see you once again I would never let you go – then my heart could start to mend You moved on to another...
  Song Information
Starla Angus - vocals, guitar  Alex Campbell -- electric and acoustic guitars Xarian Campbell -- keyboard Patrick Rideaux -- drums Jonny Bell -- bass
One More Time
Gary Dabrowski
03/04/20 05:46:42PM @gary-dabrowski:
very nice ...I like this one!...
02/28/20 10:47:54AM @starla-angus:
Thanks so much moquinn -- that song is for anyone who has lost someone really close to them -- family and friends. I still miss my bro too but I know he's around me.
02/23/20 10:47:07PM @moquinn:
I am hearing music in a whole different light these days ~ I am sure this must be a love song ~ but the lyrics so remind me of my brother who left this world in December & I miss him so much
can't believe you have no comments or followers
putting all that aside my mind this is a great song
please share more


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