Stephen Foster & Howler
Stephen Foster & Howler

Hold On Houston

album: Boogie-Woogie & Blues
genre: Americana
streams: 39
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Houston flood relief song
Hold On Houston
09/18/17 12:06:37PM @stephen-foster-howler:
Thanks Carol Sue!
carol sue
09/18/17 11:46:43AM @carol-sue:
I've been hearing this in the shows, hits close to home~ glad you refreshed this, so appropriate for the happenings in Houston. ((bless them)) Hope this makes it's way up
and out for more to hear. Congratulations, a well deserved song of the week!
Nice hearing you again, Stephan~ and seeing you in the shows! :)

09/18/17 08:59:28AM @stephen-foster-howler:
Thanks Larry!
09/17/17 11:44:44PM @tlt50:
Stephen....congrats on the song of the week. Always amazing writing skills and musicianship. Bravo *****

Larry T

09/17/17 03:59:08PM @stephen-foster-howler:
Thx Tricia!!
Tricia C
09/17/17 12:57:46PM @tricia-crawford:
Wonderful song and it is definitely something that was a worry for so many people... Congratulations' on song of the week!
09/14/17 07:58:03PM @stephen-foster-howler:
Thanks Doug!!
Doug Dickens
09/14/17 06:03:39PM @doug-dickens:
Very fine, Stephen ....
09/10/17 09:02:44AM @stephen-foster-howler:
Thanks Ron. Cut in '07, refreshed last week.
09/10/17 03:54:04AM @ronbowes:
Heard this in mixstream. Impressive track.


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