Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer
Steve Bramer

Sleeping While The River Runs

album: The Bridesmaids
genre: Blues - Rock -Soul
streams: 81

  Song Lyrics
Sleeping While the River Runs (S. Bramer) Find the edge of the shore line Under the haze of the Memphis sun Feel the drift of the water Sleeping While the...
  Song Information
Written By: Steve Bramer Artist: The Bridesmaids Steve Bramer: Guitar, Lead Vocal RB Green: Bass Kyle Woodring: Drums, Percussion Buda: Hammond B3 Organ...
Sleeping While The River Runs
06/21/17 04:13:47PM @steve-bramer:
Thanks Tricia
01/30/17 03:08:50AM @steve-bramer:
Thanks you guys. It's really nice to have a platform like this to post music and get feedback.
Barefoot Music
01/30/17 01:14:56AM @barefoot-music-group:
Welcome Steve to Mixstream/Mixposure....It's so GOOD to see your Mother Blues album tracks here. I've been a fan for at least 4 yrs now and am excited to spin all 1 tracks over time.
01/29/17 11:43:27PM @cooter:
Oh yeah. Top drawer music. Love the sparseness and vibe. Great guitar tone. Lyrics well crafted, as is the tune. Really enjoyable.


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