Steve Gilmore and In No Sense
Steve Gilmore and In No Sense

Good Old Days

album: The Instrumental Rasta
genre: Unknown
streams: 20

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Track ten of The Instrumental Rasta is Good Old Days, one of the longer tracks on the album and one where I really tried to stretch the format.  IMHO, it...
Good Old Days
Mister B
03/04/14 06:22:09AM @brian-brooks:
A great mix on this, Steve - which is partly what makes this work so well. For a very long time, I've been a fan of the spoken word (call it Rap, Dub, whatever) mixed with well-constructed rhythms, interesting chordal patterns and melodies. You create this kind of 'cross-talk' exceptionally well, in my opinion. Congrats. BB.


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