Steve Gilmore and In No Sense
Steve Gilmore and In No Sense

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong

album: The Instrumental Rasta
genre: Unknown
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Last track of The Instrumental Rasta is When You're Wrong, You're Wrong, one of my favourites from this album. As you may have noticed the tone of the last...
When You're Wrong, You're Wrong
Lyrical Princess
09/11/14 01:51:32AM @lyrical-princess:
Wrong... Who me ? I'd be the first to admit it Steve.. LOL
A little bit of reggae happening in there. Jah man ? You be Jammin' on this one!!

All The Best,
LP :)

09/10/14 06:34:34PM @bustert:
GOod Rasta SOund, yes and i like this bass!
Farrell Jackson
04/27/14 10:58:21AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the rhythms and the sound of the stand bass Steve. As always your recordings have a lot of interesting ear candy to them which is refreshing. Good one!



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