Stoney - Ian Burrage
Stoney - Ian Burrage
Stoney - Ian Burrage

Monday Man by Stoney

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:01
This taken from one of my very old demo's which was nothing like this... The guys put in stunning performances all round. Paulo's wild keys are really brilliant.. Bobby's guitar suits the track perfectly sitting beautifully along side Paulo's leads and Andy rocked his socks off with his best Entwistle bass....perfect
Thank you guys... a great job
The song is one of my usual daft idea's about a rather disreputable sales man who will be your best friend while he's trying to make a sale.
Guitars - Bobby Clohessy - Black stratman
Keys - - Paulo Gomes - Paulo
Bass - Andy Gupta - AndyG6508
Drums/vocals/ryth guitar/music/production - Ian Burrage
Monday Man Burrage 90
The car I drive may not be classic
The clothes I wear are not in style
I carry cash & don't use plastic
You can tell I'm winning by my smile
I'm your Monday man
I'm doing all I can
I'm your Monday man
I can treat You well
I can treat You well
I can treat You well today
It's Monday
I wont be fighting for forgiveness
That wouldn't get me very far
When I leave here I couldn't care less
I'm selling moon dust by the jar
Why say you're living for tomorrow
When I've got all you need today
I set the trends for all to follow
So sign my page without delay


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