standing on the edge of time

album: floydian split
genre: prog rock
streams: 19

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Standing on the Edge of timeĀ  is what it says imagine standing on the edge of time for real
standing on the edge of time
05/03/19 01:44:55PM @strawkites:
thanks ron
04/28/19 07:41:24PM @ronbowes:
I am familiar with this cool track, of course. Welcome to the site guys.
04/28/19 06:36:56PM @strawkites:
Thank you Tony and Carol Sue your kind comments very much appreciated thank you
tony cee
04/28/19 01:21:22PM @tony-cee:
superb tune love it great guitar work , nice overall sound and well mixed , thumbs up from me ....tony cee
carol sue
04/28/19 10:15:41AM @carol-sue:
Very enjoyable listen.. ::sigh:: so lovely this is.
Welcome to Mixposure, Strawkites~ and thank you for sharing your more than wonderful gift of music!
Over the top of impressed, I am.. I am!! BRAVO!! *****


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