Sweet Annie
Sweet Annie

Take Me Home

album: Sweet Annie EP
genre: Alternative
streams: 102

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Cold winter's dayAnd the world is white with snowFrost bites on my nose and cheeksWhen the temperature is lowThis is what I think of When I am far away from...
Take Me Home
Gary Dabrowski
07/22/19 06:33:34PM @gary-dabrowski:
Sweet Annie...I see you did this a while back, but I just listened to it for the first time today (I was just browsing around thru artists I never heard)...I like it...very original, well done!
Rogers-Tennison Band
03/06/10 02:27:30PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Really well done by any measure. Lots of nice layered sounds floating through tune. You have dynamically built the song nicely around the verse and choruses. The vocal break between the choruses 2/3 of the way in is really a pro device to emotionally / dynamically build the song. The vocal(s) are really well done as well. All round very nice song. It should be on the pop charts.


08/12/08 11:14:48AM @knightmoods:
angelic vocal delivery.
arrangement/production is very nice.
(did i mention vocals?(wow)

07/18/08 05:33:41PM @richard-john:
A great chorus. A lovely mix of styles, Latin, jazz, pop etc making it very original. Cool, pro vocals. A killer melody. Great stuff!

Rob Grant
07/17/08 04:32:50PM @rayon-vert:
I really like this track......you cover a lot of genres here....a bit of jazz, pop, and prog. I hear a little of Annie Haslam of Rennaisance in your voice...........GREAT VOCALS......love the melody and phrasing. The percussion is nice, ,it works well...........GREAT TRACK!!! WELCOME TO MIXPOSURE!!!

07/17/08 02:01:00AM @austn:
Sweet Annie, "Take Me Home"...haunting vibrating Ntro vibe that chills N2 a powerful, punchy, powerful dynamix descending scale chord progression...luv the subtle deso Nfluxes...powerful vocal chorusing and the Ntriging beatZ R Mpressive...Seductive voice and the synth arpeggio is a real chill soundZ, like an auto-wah, but not!!!! just killer...THANX 4 the listen & sharing...~Austn
07/16/08 11:32:25AM @syngularity:
Absolutely sweeeet voice, great swing on this professional trip hop production, and an awesome refrain... You're taking me away with this...
07/16/08 09:15:58PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Very nice tune, Annie! Welcome to the Mix! I really like the jazzy feel of this tune. Really great stuff! Love the vocals! Too bad, this isn't for download to add to my show. PM me, please. Saturday Night Rocks on Mix Radio could use your music!


10/31/08 12:59:15PM @mark-reed:
This is very good, well crafted and worked. Makes this quite unique. For me the vocal delivery made this track even more impressive. Great melody line. Well done


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