album: The Way
genre: Progressive Rock
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Lyrics: H. Tarnecky, Music: B. Tobias see your reflectionask yourself if that tv reason... that stuff you feed on makes  ya....   follow their mantra to...
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Special Guests: Glenn Liljeblad - lead guitar Reid Tobias - bass Glenn Arpino - mellotron  
Gary Shukoski
05/15/17 08:00:21PM @gary-shukoski:
Working my way back through your catalog here and keep finding all these gems! Are these first 2 albums still for sale anywhere? The link I got from Blake only had the 3rd (most current) album...
03/23/17 08:10:30PM @avmo:
Very cool song Gents...Prog Lives...The Lamb lay down on Broadway and gave birth to Sheep!
10/07/08 02:24:47PM @ab2:
I forgot to say that I thought the vocal was exceptional, a slight tinge of Genisis, just a hint...ehheeee, loved it..:-)

Peace n love....:-)

10/07/08 02:22:46PM @ab2:
ohhhhhhh, What an intro..Quite amazing..!!...This is pure entertainment...Musical Theatre, wow, that`s one cool guitar solo..:-)Very nice keys..Another incredible guitar solo..oh yeah..Killer bass..
A fabulously entertaining listen, Blake..:-) thanks for posting it up for us..:-)

Peace n Love..Mags... P.S. Loved that Baaaaa at the end...:-)

bill b
07/26/08 10:46:29AM @bill-b:
Pretty good take on an old concept. Its a good song. I like the combination of instruments and the lyrics seemed good. The overall effect seemed unified and complete like a "band" for the most part. I thought the overall sound too sterile and compressed as well as The vocal track was too processed. This resulted in a rather bland presentation which effected the whole.
An improvement could be made in overall dynamic range, less "polish" and more edge might give the song a more "live" feel. This would draw the listener into the work further.
Compositionally the arrangement was quite well unified however in the middle the song changed and lost its continuity/singlularity upsetting my interest. It felt as though something was added just to make the song longer. This totally withdrew my interest as it detached my thoiughts of the first part. When the main theme returned I was introduced to a new guitar sound/tone which, although sounded good did not fit or add to the peice as a whole. A return to the previous guitar tone would be much better. Dont take this to harshley, Im not trying to rattle anybody here or be insulting its just my opinion like I said at the begining its still a good song.

08/30/08 03:48:19PM @will-carroll:
What can I say, man this rocks big time .
guitar ,keys,vocals, the whole deal.
I'll be listenin...

07/13/08 01:09:40AM @starting-over:
Great blend of styles and sound in this one. The mix is stellar, as are the vocals and really the entire performance, very nice indeed. Very strong offering!


07/11/08 03:28:51AM @self-tort:
I was a bit hesitant on hearing that this track had been turned into a vocal track,as I believed that the original with its sampled voices and other effects pretty much said what had to be said. But when I saw that Henry was in charge of lyrics and vocals I knew it was in good hands. This is a wonderful example of prog rock. Superb lyric writing, Henry. Great use of staccato sections to increase impact, and the whole lyric structure fits perfectly into the raison d'etre of the piece. This is one of the best tracks I've heard in recent times. Congrats to everyone involved. I dips me lid to you, Henry. Great work all round, Blake and everyone involved.



07/10/08 10:36:12PM @wrightdude:
In addition to my previous comments documented below......

WOW Henry! Youve done it again!!!!!!

07/10/08 08:54:52AM @test200:
Forgot to say thanks for the DL, this comes with me to play over the lake, everyone across the pond will love it to.
07/10/08 08:51:58AM @test200:
I'm a big fan of Henrys style of vocals, hes so perfect for this genre and is fantastic here. Yup, still really like the intro you fashioned on this Blake and team, classical and progressive, a stunning combination. I have to say, that 1st break into the lead spot was so good, had to listen to it multiple times. Like how the organ spot hit a major and minor key for even more variation. What amazing drum work on this track, something for me to shoot for. Impressive stuff guys, sounded great on my new monitors.
07/10/08 07:40:11AM @syngularity:
Hi Blake - was a majestic piece with a great Peter Gabriel influence. I enjoy the twists and turns, balance between sweet harmonies and dark moments, and the energy of drums and all the guitar/key work. Surely one of the best progressive songs which I've heard on any music sites.
07/09/08 11:40:15PM @tlt50:
Blake ,I remember discussing this song with you, way back when.,,LOL I was impreesed and amazed with the the original.....Now you add the supremo talents of Henry............Awesome gents.... Damn ' is Henry great or what !!!..... Absolutely fabulous///// !!!!!


07/09/08 09:38:00PM @henry-tarnecky:
Thanks to all that have commented... you guys are great. I've gotta thank Blake and the TCP team for putting together this unbelievably solid track that's perfectly proportioned in structure and filled with skill... it has such great progressive vibes... and then to invite me to contribute lyrics and vocals... WoW... I feel very fortunate. Love the image you found for this too Blake!!! Very cool!!!
07/09/08 04:56:07PM @tcp:
Dave and Rob, thank you SO much. Henry...I am such a fan of his. It takes such special talent to do what he does!!! My sincere thanks to him, and all the players who put this together...Blake
07/09/08 04:50:43PM @david-c-deal:
Oh Boy!! I just don't know what to say. This song is so good everything I think of to say about it sounds trite and cheap. This is my new favorite song EVER off the internet. Congratulations, especially to Henry for adding such awesome lyrics and vocals.

07/09/08 03:43:56PM @tcp:
The following are comments I saved from the instrumental version of this song. Thank you so much!!

The DEEP (21 Jun 2008 06:34 AM)
Fantastic work Blake. I love the Brahms sounding organ.

margot (12 Jun 2008 10:12 AM)
I found this 6 min, 38 sec "trip" incredibly enjoyable...A sheep you definately are not ! :-) A great listen...:-)

Peace n love Mags xx :-)

Alexis VAN EECKHOUT (24 May 2008 01:48 PM)
Original tasty blending of classical and rock.
Very interesting musical composition... Beautifully performed and produced... Quite very enjoyable listen !
THX for sharing your talent.

Hydrogen3 (18 May 2008 05:32 PM)
I like the blend of classical, jazz & rock in this one. Great song!

WAVEphonic (22 Apr 2008 07:38 PM)
hi Blake, hey thats cool the way you brought the sound up around the intro stuff. I'm catching your patented classical progressive sense. Oh man nice screaming lead there, amazing your basslines behind some of these movements, they give it the heavy feel even when a chord just hums along. Fanastic change at 3:20, I'm watching this amazing show..your lead and drum work, easily some of the best. hah!! nice finish..was like going back to the Barclay James Harvest era. Never let it die Blake

songdoc (09 Apr 2008 03:38 PM)
Another super quality piece of yours for sure. Excellent mix of keyboards (from organ, harpsichord to mellatron). I read the theme of what this was about and wondered Henry wasn't doing his vocal/lyric thing on this one. I can certainly here them. Good work my friend.
dave deal

Milillo (08 Apr 2008 10:22 AM)
Very interesting intro Blake...
I have done my share of research into the herd like mentality of mass appeal... In that regard I could understand your interest in writing music to befit this very evident phenomenon...

Your style is beautiful. I love your approach in this man. Quite emphatic!
Yes, beautiful man! Consistent!
You truly delivered an interesting concept in a most adept and professional way!

mlockett (21 Mar 2008 09:49 PM)
I should point out that the picture appears to be a wolf in sheep's clothing--not a sheeps in wolve's clothing (like an old Mylon Lefevre song). :-) Cool use of sounds. I like the instrumentation! The harpsichord is really cool. Great lead tone. Very nice job!

selftort (09 Mar 2008 09:57 PM)
Another wonderful piece of prog here. The mellotron sounds to get myself one of them. Really love the drum work you've got going here, Blake. And man, you son can play that bass. Glad you've got him nice and high in the mix. Whoa, that's some really slick guitar work....great interplay between the lead and the drums, and a great drop back into the earlier mood. Sensational, brother. Love it.



Jonesey (06 Mar 2008 05:09 PM)
This could be Yes, ELP, Asia, any number of bands come leaping out of me whilst listening to this.
GREAT guitar at 2:10 - breaks it up just at the right moment.
You have a great sense of timing, rhythm and composition.
I could listen to this stuff all night.

Serious-Music (15 Feb 2008 02:42 PM)
I am here again and please give me your agreement to play this track in my radio show on february 21th in Germany. Sheep is a great music-journey and it is a pleasure to listen. It would be great when you give me an answer.

wrightdude (14 Feb 2008 08:55 PM)
Oh man! This is classic prog!!!! Love the harpsicord! and man.... I am SO MUCH a sucker for the mellotron!!!!! Excellent performances by all!!! You guys should be playing at Nearfest!!!!

Cybase (12 Feb 2008 07:51 PM)
I was drawn to this as one of my collab buddies has an album called "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing", but that's where any similarity ends! Of course, being a Kiwi, (New Zealander) the sound of sheep is all too familiar - ha ha! :)
I agree...Excellent intro! Right up my alley! In fact it's a great production all round, nicely executed at all levels. Well done all!

markc (07 Feb 2008 06:52 PM)
love the pic and the sheep sounds at the beginning--very clear production which is bliss to my rough ears!! love it when it breaks in strong with authority!! you are in control--feel it love the keyboard work--bottom notes are nice and a blazing guitar solo--nice man--sorry been a bit overloaded lately-so glad i came by!!! mark

Treegreenblue1 (01 Feb 2008 07:01 PM)
A very interesting start in this one.
I like how it kinda "transforms" forward.

Nicely made track.
I really liked the part that started around 3.30.
Overall very enjoyable piece.

Chrickon (01 Feb 2008 01:38 PM)
What a great sounding piece of music !! Great composition and performance, loved the intro.
Was a great listen.

Jims Artificial Eart (30 Jan 2008 05:54 AM)
Very well written, well played, damned professional sounding. Reminds me a bit of the great keyboard/bass/drum lines that Jethro Tull used to do so well. Love the guitars, too.... Outstanding!

Thanks for sharing this!


tarboy (27 Jan 2008 08:39 PM)
Conposition with skill...wonderful dynamics... I really love this Blake! The keyboard sounds and flux of the rhythmic drive is extremely appealing to my ears. Just a great track on so many levels! Big creative stuff !!!

efaadr (23 Jan 2008 04:22 PM)
This anthemic and dramatic piece contains just about every ingredient the prog-rock music fans would desire for their symphonic, guitar driven tastebuds. On first listen it put me in mind of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Regardless of any similarities with anyone else, it's good!

fuzzion (21 Jan 2008 04:34 AM)
Great intro into a great composition with an excellent performance by all. Very nice work!

Serious-Music (16 Jan 2008 01:07 PM)
What an outstanding song-idea with a tragical mood in. I have not thought that you works in this kind of style. My compliment. It sounds really outstanding. Later the music changed when the guitars are in the front of. I like it very much. It is a great song-journey.

Terentek (16 Jan 2008 11:08 AM)
Gotta love that picture :)
Fascinating intro...
Words like grand and epic spring to mind,and once again I can only admire your skill in composing these tracks.
Awesome overall sound and production,power,depth and clarity.
The musiciship is flawless throughout.
It is hard to single out an element for additional praise as they are ALL so perfectly done.
Just a REAL pleasure to sit and listen to such a highly polished and executed epic opus.

reapersg (14 Jan 2008 09:46 PM)
WOW love that intro...then it gets classical like with some excellent keys then the drums come in. a very magestic sounding piece of music. Oh man, the guitar is freakin awesome. Grrrrrreat music guys!

KOR (14 Jan 2008 08:17 PM)
Oh Man this is awesome. The intro is just great by itself but it leads you into an outstanding piece. Fantastic tune.

TCP (14 Jan 2008 01:27 PM)
Can't thank enough the early reviewers. I'll get back to each and every one of you. And as you can count on, my trigger finger works alot faster than my mind does. So expect a newer and more refined mix in the next fews day. Lastly, I will be updating the "about" button for the song to reflect the point and importance of the message. Thanks to all from such talented people. ~Blake

Farrell Jackson (14 Jan 2008 01:17 PM)
This song sort of sneaks up on you like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Excellent composition and performances. Kudos to your son, the bass player. More than well done!


rapster (14 Jan 2008 12:57 PM)
ditto the bass blake.. nuff to make a man right proud.. this is indeed a classic sounding rock composition.. more than just a song.. it's a sonata..
nice tasty guitar melodies with great tone.. nice change to the organ.. great bass interludes in there.. that is a wolf in sheep's clothing there man..
yes it does remind of ELP and that era.. very positively so.. congratulations on the debut young bass stud.. and thanks blake for the theme.. it has real meaning.. cheers..

Brian (14 Jan 2008 11:24 AM)
Love the creativity on this, very tough style to compose in. Very challenging track and expertly performed. I am so glad there are still a few that do progressive so well.

POTTERHEAD (14 Jan 2008 09:04 AM)
Cool Intro...:) Congrats to ya son. Nice track!!!! Its great when our Kids do Music. GREAT TUNE MAN!......Very heavy and Dark. Drums,Bass,Guitars,ALL KILLER! HUGH MAN! Ya got a good one here.

bri-an (14 Jan 2008 08:57 AM)
Great how it morpht into the head...Touches of Rick Wakeman the whole gamit in one package!! impressive composition! well structured! man I'm diggin this presentation of talent Blake! you have it down ..solid!!
Right to my Fav's list!. excellent work!!

peter (14 Jan 2008 07:26 AM)
This piece is really well composed and arranged and good performances by all involved. Lots of tension and it has an epic feel to it.

WhereWolf (14 Jan 2008 12:36 AM)
Marvelous,intro.....depth with originality !! Perfectly setting the stage ,for this awesome progressive rocker. Blake and TCP ,as always ,meticulously compose,perform and produce outstanding music. This is no exception. Great musical minds have converged for this outstanding
song.From the keyboards and guitars to the super tight bass.The bass player sounds very energetic and tight,no doubt he comes from very good STOCK. Great music ........gentleman !! Thanks,
Larry T.........

07/14/08 09:20:16AM @abbey45:
Hey guys. You had me at the intro! Henry, your vocals are stellar as usual! I followed (pun intended!) Sheep since its inception............this has become a masterpiece! Reid, you play the bass with SUCH conviction! LOVE it! Glenn L, your guitar is perfect. Blake, (BT), you have proven your creativity again! I have so many favorite parts of this song, all I can say is GREAT JOB!
Rob Grant
07/09/08 04:17:54PM @rayon-vert:
Well, I KNOW the song, I just can't believe I never "Reviewed" it. Sorry, Brother! I LOVE the theme riff. Henry is the PERFECT vocalist for the TCP project. His style fits so well with musical blends you're doing.........This is such a tight track. LOVE IT!!! Blake, You REALLY GOT IT!!! GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!


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