Montage 1 (from The Way)

album: The Way
genre: Progressive Rock
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Montage 1 (from The Way)
09/03/09 04:52:16PM @starsaje:
Yeah, that one just got downloaded. Wow!!
07/06/09 07:33:08PM @vesa:
Most well orchestrated piece; love all the overlapping of sounds, instruments. Very fine guitar playing, always unique playing the original phrasing...nice tempo change, good guitar variation...fine keyborads. This is most different & with talent like this, what can I say, but to relax and take in the cool vbes. Very GREAT composition. Great singing Henry, always a fave voice to hear.
excellent all 'round...this has an interesting, compilation effect, spliced interestingly, -have to listen again,... that really works for me fine...nice pieces fairly well put together.
Very good guys. I'm listening several times...this is a different experience, with the it,- it just has alot to consume listening, so it worth it to listen again...FAB! Great! -Your friend. -Vesa.

03/11/09 04:50:09PM @soundtrapper:
Blake,thank you for your review and support.Have been listening to TCP.Wow!So much energy.Very tight.I like the transitions.Best wishes.-jeff
12/12/09 03:03:15PM @starsaje:
Hey guys! I'm making a mix CD for a friend of mine for Christmas. I just added the track Montage #1. Thanks for the free download!


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