He's Like You

album: The Way
genre: Progressive Rock
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  Song Lyrics
He's Like YouHenry Tarnecky (words), Jack Wright (music) he’s a modern man who lost his callingwhen the year began he felt like steelnow he’s sinking fast...
He's Like You
Gary Shukoski
05/15/17 08:12:28PM @gary-shukoski:
I really dig the rhythm elements going on throughout this one. Very chuggy song and cool little palm muted bits beneath the keyboard break aways. Had to play it a second time while reviewing it!
12/19/08 05:12:24AM @self-tort:
I love the work the three of you do individually and as a combo, which makes it ridiculous to think that this has been here for two months and I'm hearing it for the first time. As has been noted by others this track has so many prog rock influences floating through it, but it sounds like no one else. Incredibly original sound with perfect sympatico between rhythm section, keys, guitars and vocals. Stellar vocals Henry. Agree with Doc C about the synth solo. The interplay between the keys and guitar in the instrumental sections is just unbelievable. Too many twists and turns in this to describe. Can't believe you fitted it in in such a short time. Wonderful piece of work. Adding to favs for sure and thanks for the download



12/18/08 08:10:42PM @josephrodz:
Awesome track,Great ,nice.
Doctor C
10/28/08 07:58:45PM @doctor-c:
Yeah! This is a texbook of the progressive rock, it should be taught at schools if you ask me... It grabbed me from the very first sound and never let go. That synth solo at around 1:30 was like a time machine - I thought I was in the 70s again. And yet the song is wonderfully modern with a plethora of the novel sounds, chords, rhythms, etc. Every sound, every single note is crafted with such a brilliance... And those two final chords, man, that is a superb ending to a superb track! Congratulations, gentlemen.
10/12/08 11:04:07AM @wrightdude:
Thanks again folks! Note to SFAM - Thanks for mentioning the drums! They are actually not programmed... I played them in "real time" on a Roland electionic kit. Thanks again to all!!!!!

10/11/08 05:51:42PM @henry-tarnecky: much thoughtful and overwhelming support.. a VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU to all that have listened and commented here. As to my partners in this fun, it is really special to be able to work with you guys. Jack's musical thought is so very refined as is his signature guitar virtuosity and Blake is a consumate artist who can see the full picture as well as he can deliver excellent keyboard skills & imagination as evideneced in this track... It is creatively inspiring and an honor to be a cog in this instinctively progressive musical wheel guys. Long live TCP!


10/11/08 02:19:06PM @ace-layton:
Cool songs like this remind how much I love really fine guitar craft in progressive music (note to self). Jack and Henry really shine on this one. Nice drum programming too. And Blake ties it all together with his understated keys and solid bass. Another winner from this killer band!!!


Luca Wulf
10/08/08 02:43:07PM @huge-artist:
Ah,the collab crew is at it again :)
Well,as usual,it's damn mpressive stuff.
Henry,as always,on the money with his vocals...
Jack,yep,never heard a bad note from that man,and many many notes that I don't even know how played them!
And,your good self,a tapestry of light and shade ,matchjing their every move
This is CLASSIC in the truest sense of the word.
I spent several years in the silent wilderness wondering from time to time IF progressive had continued,what would it have evolved into?
Little did I know,that it was evolving on sites like this,and it is an absolute pleasure to hear three superb musicans at the peak of their game making it all happen.


10/07/08 09:31:59AM @test200:
Just wanted to say that this is another of those tracks that my regular stereo just doesn't cut it. Downloaded and played in my studio last nite for full effect. Must say the way Henry vocalizes through those note parts is amazing, can you say amazing too many track guys.
10/06/08 10:18:24AM @brian-mattson:
Absolutely Brilliant! You guys really hit this one out of the park! I have to agree with all the others with a huge nod to all three of you. What a collaborative effort!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of music!


10/06/08 10:08:46AM @tcp:
Wow...first - thanks all for these great comments Gina, Larry, Ed, Rick, Rob, Joe, Bob and Richard!! Very inspiring indeed and much appreciated!

Second...I was very honored to participate once again with Jack and Henry. Jack's right...neither of us 'heard any vocals' on this one before Henry came back with this vocal extravaganza. Quite amazing H!
Yeah, the song matured and filled out really well, but we know by listening that Jack produced some wonderful guitar and drum tracks..not just a mere skeleton. Jack is a musical dynamo. Henry is a magician. Or visa versa. I can't go wrong working with these guys. And it's been such a pleasure. Love this one dudes! ~B

10/05/08 04:09:48PM @test4454:
Look out Ozzy ; )) Heavy rockin' collab here Jack! I like the draw downs with ensuing build-ups. Crafty all around playing fellas!
Cheers to a cool toon! Bob

10/05/08 05:36:19AM @ab1:
love that chord.. love that chunk-chunk.. I'm hooked.. this is progrock in my book.. new rock.. not just the emperor's new clothes.. new harmonies.. new rhythms.. new ways to structure.. new ways to sing.. jack knows i love his magic guitar arps and he's givin me a feast here.. love the palm mute section man .. friggin AWESOME.. henry you are one of my most fave vocalists brother (as you know).. your unique approach.. your tone.. your lyrics.. the perfect partner for these two progressive musicians.. jack man i love the music in this one.. every element of it.. the bass is killer.. the keys and synths.. the song form is awesome.. that chunk-chunk is too sexy man.. and your leads over it are brilliant with a great subdued tone.. those ascending ostinato lines mixed with solo and vocals is an awesome ending guys.. blake if you did all the mixing here you're a sound genius brother.. i promised someone to start reading the info before i listen cause i've gotten a few things wrong lately.. if i did that here guys forgive me.. but this piece of music is BRILLIANT.. a triumph of three excellent musicians working together.. kudos dudes.. and cheers.. thank you for more inspiration than i can properly express :-)
10/04/08 08:19:20AM @wrightdude:
Thanks for the kind words folks... A few words about the genisis of this song:

Just a little while ago I floated a tune past Blake to see if he was interested in adding KB and possibly considering it as a TCP candidate. In terms of vocals, I have to admit, neither one of really thought vocals were even possible on this one, but we decided to float it past Henry in the odd chance it would light something up? Well what can I say? These guys have taken what I now realize was a mere skeletal essence of a tune and added flesh, blood and a living mind!!! WOW dudes! Blake, Henry... A truly amazing transformation! I am in awe!!!!!


10/03/08 12:37:41PM @test200:
Scary heavy opening Blake. That sliding note is so dastardly, now this is progressive rock that reaches to futuristic heights. I'm loving the playful keyboard at the 3 min area, and then that heavy break again, I'm in awe how heavy you guys can get. Henry, man..did you ever hit that up tempo part. The sheer talent it takes to not only think these things out but to arrange and get it down is truly amazing. Rivals any progressive music I ever heard. The twists and turns have me spinning..but thats a good thing. what the heck do you say, amazing is an guys truly rock.
10/03/08 01:46:41AM @tlt50:
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet....Man ,I love the intro...... ! Whew ...I recognize the vocal mastery on this... Awesome. ! I'm totally impressed with the tempo and extrodinary rhythm goodies going on here. Another monster collab..... Freakin' outstanding..... Killar......groove and musicianship !!!!! :-)
wolf *****

10/12/08 01:17:55PM @blue-sahara:
There goes my head bobbling again ... how wonderful, those rhythm guitars, I'm just such a big sucker for sounds like that! :-)
Henry's vocal delivery, once again, brings chills down my spine - he just KNOWS how to deliver those awesome lyrics.
Extremely powerful, mysterious and fantastic song, wonderfully written and performed at all ends!

10/09/08 05:11:14PM @vesa:
Really dig that chunking guitar that draws me very edgy cool. Has a film track like quality. Anyhow, you make a nifty neat change in mood and momentum, then the guitars & the synth groove together. Well sung Henry. Like the suspense here; well arranged to create that atmophere of a dramatic vision. Fine uniquely laid out lyrics. Some neat subtle gitar playing, held back kinda mysterious, culminating in a anti-climatic exposition as if there was no end. like an tnnel or alleyway leading onward or if your standing still running. It's a nightmare scenerio.
SUPERB. -Vesa.

10/07/08 05:01:23PM @idiom:
Absolutley freakin brilliant! Brilliantly produced, great craftmanship and great vocals.
10/03/08 09:20:34PM @grandprogrock:
Blake, I know you hated "RED", but this is the feel of "RED" all over it for me and I love it, Guys!!! It does have a little Hackett meets Fripp feel to it.....hehehehehehehehehehe.....and THAT'S none to shabby. NOW!!! I hope you realize, I'm NOT comparing.....You have an original sound and's feel, Bro's!!! EXCELLENT!! ALL Y'ALL!!

10/25/08 06:25:09AM @the-autumleaf:
Super Song Great Rhythm and Well recorded Loved hearing it.And super guitar works in Between


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