Mankind (feat. Gary Carciello)

album: The Way
genre: Progressive Rock
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You’re the weight on this world mankindYou’re a dominant force in timeCan you see what you doIt can happen to youYour extinction if matters unwindMankindWhen...
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Henry on piano!Special Guests:A very special honor to have Gary and Desiree on this track! Gary Carciello - guitars (all, except intro)Desiree Stisi - backup...
Mankind (feat. Gary Carciello)
Gary Shukoski
05/15/17 08:18:34PM @gary-shukoski:
Love Carciello's addition to the overall sound here! All of you are amazing players. Like listening to a prog supergroup like Transatlantic or such!
Rob Grant
01/21/09 05:46:05AM @rayon-vert:
I have run out of adjectives, for ya Blake.....!!! At this point, the way I feel about your music.......can be better expressed in the smile on my face, while I listen. What a great time I have listening to this :-)

SORRY!!! For the late review......Some people in Pittsburgh ruined my mood for a day or two.....hehehehehehehehe!!!

01/20/09 07:10:36AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Fantastic work guys. Piano work is absolutely charming, The composition holds true to the Prog vein, Gary C is nothing less than spectacular. A VERY colorful song with many intricacies woven through out. Awesome !!!

~ Gabriel

01/20/09 04:59:10AM @self-tort:
Firstly, congrats to Henry on a great composition. Although I thought it would only be a matter of time till Gary graced a TCP track, I didn't expect you to sack Jack after the intro (seriously lol). Desiree's voice blends perfectly with Henry's on the harmonies. Love the time changes and sensational work on the keys, Blake. It actually almost sounds like a mini-musical. But nothing mini about the writing or performances. Another piece of Classic TCP. Congrats to all involved.



01/19/09 12:28:34PM @richard-john:
Has a classic feel and yet also sounds very original. The big, intricate arrangement is ambitious but sounds totally pro. Great musicianship and imagination. Loved it!

Farrell Jackson
01/19/09 12:04:01PM @farrell-jackson:
Great collab and kudos to all involved! Excellent delivery on the vox Henry and the piano is awesome! Gary's guitar sounds fabulous. Blake, what can I say but well done dude! This song has so much musical movement, meaningful lyric, a host of excellent musicians, and that all sets the stage for an excellent song!


01/19/09 10:41:41AM @brian-mattson:
Yeah, I was really looking forward to hearing this one! What excellent music! Love the basic concept and development throughout. Henry ... love the vocals ... especially the harmony adds! Guitar work is superb, and the keyboard stuff ... Wow such great playing! The drums and bass also are just so perfect ... I have to hand it to you. This is one of your most beautiful songs with great changes around every corner! Something for everyone! One of my personal favorites!
01/19/09 10:17:33AM @test200:
okay guys, I press play...I'm into the piano and its drop down progression with string pad backing. Sweet little guitar motif introduces the track. Henrys unmistakeable voice, another nice guitar add. That harmonized part was really good. The progressive breakdown with piano cuts guys, dig it. The drums are cool there to, always very smart and focused drum tracks. A more melodic section to finish, fitting of better times. Another great composition from loads of talented people.
01/19/09 10:10:01AM @tcp:
Yeah Dave....that's Henry on the piano! All, thanks so much for these very kind reviews!!! Wow! :-) Blake
01/19/09 09:38:29AM @blue-sahara:
Blake, Henry ... what can i say. I'm humbled and in awe, as I always am when listening to your music. This composition is a marvel, Henry. I can't get enough of the chord progression. I'm just sitting here exposing my mind and spirit to this progressive piece of art. Everything is marvelous, Gary's additional guitar parts puts the icing on the cake.
Men it would be so cool to see you guys play live one day ... or better yet, to be with you on stage - even if I only had to play the claves ... :-)
Wonderful. Simply wonderful Guys!

01/18/09 05:54:18PM @henry-tarnecky:
When I sent Blake the piano and vocal track I was hoping he would be able to catch the vibe and indeed he did. Not only did he add instinctive percussion & bass but his kb work is classic.... wow! Then he recruited Gary C. for some awesome lead guitar, which added top notch energy... thank you Gary! Then with the help of Glenn and his studio "the Womb" Desiree was found and background vocals along with his own debut vocals were recorded bringing the end of the track to a sweet peaceful summation. Then comes Jack's contribution with his fine intro lead guitar and the final mixing. The dude is a musical dynamo. Sincere thanks to everyone on the TCP team that I may not have mentioned and especially to all those who took the time to listen in and comment here... Henry
01/18/09 05:23:01PM @david-c-deal:
I have got to be one of your all time biggest fans. That "brass" section around 1;20, unreal. Every section, no matter how different, seems perfectly balanced. Henry's vocals are vintage Henry, nothing more to say.
The guitar/key instrumental at 3 is beautiful. Someday when you guys are playing to a stadium crowd can I have a backstage pass? Henry's piano at 4 is so professional. (I'm assuming that's Henry not Blake?)Yeah Gary.
David C Deal

01/18/09 05:22:50PM @wrightdude:
Blake man.... you should take my name off the credits.... what did I play? three notes?

Gary on the other hand, wow some real pro playing there! and sweet tone!

Henry... great composition man! I am sure you are very happy that Gary and Blake made the best of it!

Blake... excellent production and KB! Lets not overlook the bass either! very nice! Where have you been hiding Desiree? Very nice addition there!!!!

Congrats to all!!!!!

01/18/09 11:52:40AM @jelly:
Hi Blake, this track is soooooo wonderful!



01/18/09 11:23:22AM @zzaj:
Some BEAUTIFUL "rushes" here for me... EPIC MUSIC that takes no prisoners, like some of the '70's bands we (all) throve upon in those daze... definitely will TRIP the listener (unless they've immersed themselves so deeply in the "lawn mowing society" that there's no hope for them ever becoming musical again)... this one gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!
Chris Mahon
01/18/09 11:18:54AM @chris-mahon:
Wow, this track is great! Intro sets the stage perfectly for a journey of great songwriting and musicianship. Guitar solo is so sweet! Full of tone, feeling and taste. Just really good music from start to finish. Thanks for sharing this piece!!


01/18/09 02:30:42AM @tlt50:
What a fantastic intro. ... !! As always ....totally superb musicianship.Gary's guitar work and Henry's vocals ...awesome. !! Blake another brilliant tune my friend...! This collab is So well done it's mind staggering.....WOW.... Thumbs up to all..... :-) who added their exceptional talents to this track. Damn'''''''' !!!

Larry T.....

01/18/09 01:54:29AM @tcp:
After Henry sent me this song I heard it many times and loved it. Then I asked for the lyrics and fell in love with it all over again. Gotta thank H for such a wonderful poem set to music....sweet music. And some wonderful piano playing!

A big, huge thanks to Gary for adding his incredible guitar spice to this piece. Some really awesome licks and emotion.

Desiree came through with an inspirational vocal appearance. Real fun to work with her in person.

Thanks to you all...including Jack for the intro guitar. It was all sooo worth it. ~Blake

02/10/09 09:46:57AM @ts:
11/27/09 01:08:43AM @marc-morlock:
This song is a "Delicious Cake"
You eat it all, and want some more


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