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Ted Aukerman Band
Ted Aukerman Band

Meet Me In Muskogee

genre: Country
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Meet Me In Muskogee
01/10/19 05:08:50PM @moquinn:
another feel good country song I heard on Mix recently ~ the intro Billy & Bobby are some friends of yours who work in separate geographic zones ~ reminds me of how it is with many of musicians on MixPosure ~ who live in separate geographic zones ~ yet become close friends & work together on music collaborations ~ loving your music ~ Welcome to Mix ~ look forward to more music from you
Ted Aukerman Band
12/29/18 11:41:44AM @ted-aukerman-band:
Thanks for the nice comments
carol sue
12/24/18 05:44:35AM @carol-sue:
Really enjoyed your pro sounding country tune!
Suggest you visit the Mixstream radio "chat" shows...
I would imagine the Dj's here would broadcast your tune in their radio shows!

*****Great tune, bravo! :)
Welcome to Mixposure + Merry Christmas!

Farrell Jackson
12/22/18 01:04:02PM @farrell-jackson:
Some fine Strat work, vocals and lyric on this song !



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