Tedd-Z - Runaround (feat. The Ragga Twins)

album: Tedd-Z
genre: Electronica
streams: 17

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Was testing some cassette emulation software and this kinda happened Lyrics & Vocals: The Ragga Twins
Tedd-Z - Runaround (feat. The Ragga Twins)
07/14/18 06:41:07PM @wricky:
man o man, snappy, tight drums and bass so the other instruments can color outside the lines with deliberate abandon..great playing and wow a xylophone solo that smokes in there too, right on Teddz !!
carol sue
07/13/18 09:47:34AM @carol-sue:
Makes me feel like getting out of this chair to dance! hehe..
Fun listen, and so creative!! Way to go, you! :)

Farrell Jackson
07/11/18 01:01:19PM @farrell-jackson:
It does emulate the sound of a cassette recording. Kind of cool how you did that Tedd-z. I like the mix of musical styles and you've put in a lot of ear candy...nice work!


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