Tedd-Z - Brainplant
Tedd-Z - Brainplant

Tedd-Z - Tundra (feat. Brightness & Cory Friesenhan)

album: Tedd-Z
genre: Chillout
streams: 23

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Music & Production: Tedd-Z/Vocals: Brightness/Backing Vocals: Cory Friesenhan
Tedd-Z - Tundra (feat. Brightness & Cory Friesenhan)
Farrell Jackson
03/04/19 09:33:47PM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done Chris. The vocal addition works perfectly mixed in with your chillout mix!


carol sue
03/04/19 09:07:17PM @carol-sue:
Chillout listen.. very moving and rather relaxing..
Would be easy to listen to this again, it's so pretty!
Fine tune and production, Tedd-Z!! *****

tony cee
03/03/19 03:00:03PM @tony-cee:
superb song super production love it …...tony cee


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