Like Lavender

album: Teresa Williams: Sessions
genre: Acoustic
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  Song Lyrics
I was afraid of losing you, losing you And now, I realize there’s nothing to fear There’s nothing to lose When the sky is like lavender I’m not coming...
  Song Information
Like Lavender Written by Teresa Williams Vocals, Guitars: Teresa
Like Lavender
07/05/19 01:46:59AM @keithsmusic:
Beautiful! Love this song and such a beautiful voice.
bill b
07/04/19 01:30:55AM @bill-b:
An enjoyable and very nice listen Good recording sound too thanks for sharing.
07/03/19 02:46:30AM @cugel:
Excellent! - thoroughly enjoyed this.
tony cee
06/30/19 12:04:29PM @tony-cee:
great song Teresa , love the vocals , fantastic sound you have like the sound you have on the guitars , superb stuff ...cheers tony cee


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