That Never Was
That Never Was

To Your Heart

album: That Never Was
genre: Ballad
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There's A Way To My Heart While The Road To Yours Is Lost There's A Way To The Stars But All Of Mine Have Fade Away There's A Way To Your Heart,...
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A friend of mine got a call from a guy she knew, he asked her if they could get together but she didnt think the time was right. The next day he died in a...
To Your Heart
12/28/10 06:48:03PM @mellow-d:
love the way this progresses, vox, drums, guitars are so pristine and developed in such a great way, The sheer organic nature of the soundscapes leaves me inspired and awe struck.. Great Music William.
09/08/10 12:46:14PM @mark-reed:
Read the song info on this, that is one hell of a thing to go through. Your lyrics have a depth which both expresses and empathizes. This really is excellent, well done
03/11/09 04:29:49PM @soundtrapper:
Great song! My favorite so far.Has a David Gilmore feel yet still distinctively your own sound.I dig the vocals.
Thanks for your review and support-jeff

Lyrical Princess
02/25/09 07:00:51PM @lyrical-princess:
Really Beautiful TNW.. I feel a sadness in it. Love the instrumental.. All The Best, LP
11/01/08 02:11:24PM @scattered-screws:
Beautiful intro and great guitar work. This is one to listen to again and again.


02/26/08 09:47:11AM @east-meets-west-2:
COLL AGAIN!!!! I have to say that I like your Idea of sound making and your feeling!!!


Farrell Jackson
02/24/08 12:56:28PM @farrell-jackson:
Man this song is a managerie of tones and you have them woven together beautifully! Great recording!


01/27/08 01:46:59PM @bardo:
Haunting intro....
Very nice clean mix here.
Love the way you layered the piano.
Very Floydish feel to this tune.
Sounds like a fun one to lead to.
Like the switching GTR sounds.

01/22/08 02:28:21AM @tlt50:
The intro ma' man.... grabs and won't let go. Guitar /bass/synth groove is excellent.The instrumentation(BT)....are thoughtful and arranged nicely. Guitar,as always is your signature piece.....The thing you make happen.....! The vocals and production are things (that )
every song could benefit from..... given money, time, facilities and the luxury of having an unlimited supply of .............????
Great song,

10/31/07 11:30:00AM @the-full-quid:
what a cool song ! I have no idea how you got the mix so loud and full , I am just a guitar / singer/ sonwriter with a little bit of equipment and software all over that just confuses me .
I love the slow rock ballad feel here like a classic pink floyd song with a blusey fuzzy emotive lead guitar , the length of the song is just right also . cheers !

09/08/07 09:21:59PM @brahma:
sad song :( i read what it was about. nothing much I can say about that. the mix itself is very good, very well produced.
11/05/06 12:57:30PM @ptho:
Man this is really cool, loved how you put it together. It reminds me of Pink Floyd. The lead is very Gilmorish. Nice job. I would love to remix this song for fun!
10/14/06 09:18:56PM @dazed:
Nice job on this one. Music and your mix sounds great. Vocals need something added in the mix. Maybe some more reverb and compression? They sound kind of thin to me. Other than that I say well done!
10/20/06 01:43:55PM @strum:
Man, loved your string sounds, all around nice piece of work,


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