The Bard Brothers
The Bard Brothers

Snowmelt Sunrise

album: demo
genre: Acoustic
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Sunrise on the mountain, warm wind whistles through the trees. Raincloud corona hugs the zenith, snowcaps dreaming of the sea. Icicles glisten; teardrops...
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Yes, it's been quite a while (kids in college and all). Getting back into doing more than laying down ideas; actually completing a project. Let us know what...
Snowmelt Sunrise
Farrell Jackson
02/10/15 10:59:29AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another listen to the Bard Bros....and a very nice listen it is!
Farrell Jackson
02/03/15 10:03:20AM @farrell-jackson:
Very good lyric, vocal and song! I like the acoustic earthy tone and sparkle. I think a harmony voice, on selected lines, over the lead vocal beginning at the second verse would be a great build and set up for the cool ahhhhs that come in after. Nice work after the lay off's good to hear you're back!
01/31/15 12:17:23PM @gene-smith:
Very nice relaxing mood this tune sets. Doesn't seem like too much rust has settled in, can't wait to hear more of the project!


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