The Bard Brothers
The Bard Brothers

Take My Time

album: demo
genre: Bluegrass
streams: 87

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Floating down the river Living in a dream Nothing much to do But take my time Waving to the people Standing on the shore Waiting for a fish To bite my line...
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Here's a surprise, a completely different sound, especially when compared to our latest post. I have categorized this as bluegrass, though I'm not sure...
Take My Time
Brett Service
10/18/13 10:10:17AM @brett-service:
Really enjoying your rootsy sound. Sounds like you're right here in my living room! Great lead and harmony vocals as well as well played guitar and bass.
02/21/11 05:02:48PM @lodato:
I love that home grown sound and liveliness this was made from. Genuine and performed with the truest spirit.
Farrell Jackson
02/22/11 10:29:00AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Bard's all good to my ears! Dig the mando and the vocals! A very upbeat tune that sounds like it was fun to record and I'm sure it's a whole lot of fun to perform....seems like it would get good crowd response....can you hear my applause? Good down home stuff!


02/21/11 08:51:19PM @the-full-quid:
oh yeah I really like the mandolin a welcome sound in my ears
nice clear picking and strumming very nice upbeat song and I really like the backing vocals remember I was talking about POCO ? this reminds of them , nice melody .

02/21/11 06:45:00PM @tlt50:
I've always appreciated mandolin players......even as a key player ! Beautiful track...Superb work on the strings(mandolin and Bass)...Vocals, harmonies....songwriting masterful...:) I hear a drum track....seems to be back in the mix..? I'd like to hear it up a tad...! Just my thoughts.Fanatastic musicianship...AWESOME !!!



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