Refuge of Lies

album: 7th Seal
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 76

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Michael Styron : Guitars,   Shane :Vocals, arrangement , production.We want to send out best wishes to all our friends , fans and listeners.  This current...
Refuge of Lies
02/07/09 06:47:12AM @the-deep:
thanks so much for hearing it
02/06/09 06:02:52PM @winters-resurrection:
swEEt! Wow, really good stuff here. Excellent vocals, song, playing, production... ***My personal take on the solo work is the EQing could be a tad brighter so the solo cuts a bit more but being a guitar player myself, I know everyone's personal tone is just that, personal. It's really good, just a little subdued for a rock track. IMHO, btw, hehehe!*** Great job guys, I'm busting at the seams to hear what you did with the Song Challenge, woot!
01/06/09 09:15:48AM @bri-an:
Solid writing and delivery! love the drivin force in this toon!
vocals are aced! Wooo!

Rob Grant
01/04/09 12:35:04PM @rayon-vert:
I was So Happy to see a new song from THE DEEP......I was beginning to wonder. To me, THE DEEP is Legend around here......Shane, your vox are TOP as always. The song is very powerful!!!

01/04/09 05:50:36AM @mark-reed:
Excellent number, As a rock track this don't come much better. Can't fault this in any way. magic number well done
01/05/09 05:38:17PM @chris-moore:
What incredible versatility you guys have. Great vocals Shane, and those guitars, full-on motoring rhythm pounding out there. Excellent sound and all you would expect from you masters of the mix. All the best for the new year = 10/10! Cheers, Chris
01/04/09 09:44:08PM @tlt50:
Hell yea ...a new track by "The Deep". Always a superbly well written and produced listen. Shane your vocals are always a treat .... the backing tracks are spot on IMO. Great to have a new song by you guys...... Excellent .... !!! :-)

Larry T.....


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