ONE - is the lonliest number

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genre: Rock
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ONE  - originally , a number one Hit by Three Dog Night (writer: Harry Nilsson) When i was a little kid with a transistor radio under my pillow at...
ONE  - is the lonliest number
12/05/09 06:50:28AM @jackson-hart:
Great crank here man! Your vocals alway shines through for me dude! Awesome quality of music you produce...well done!

12/05/09 01:47:43AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Sounds very English to me which I like - great song structure and very effective singing (one rhythm threw me a bit) - also i guess very prog. Yes One is a lonely number like thoughts ftlpope. Enjoyed. ftlpope
12/05/09 12:21:52PM @mark-reed:
Short but extremely good. Vocals stand out over a great instrumental backing. Excellent song well done
Jasmine Tea
12/07/09 01:02:28PM @jasmine-tea:
What a great cover! I've always liked this song and you more than did it justice. Great music, great singing, great production... Awesome tune!


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