Day of Destruction

album: 7th Seal
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 43

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DAY OF DESTRUCTION  day of destructionlives before my eyesin a world of madnesswhere love sells a lieit's written out in black and whitefor ev'ry one to...
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This music is not exactly a pleasure to listen to. - its almost scary and abrasive. -  The concept in the lyrics of this song Day of Destruction , is from...
Day of Destruction
05/18/09 11:00:17AM @blue-sahara:
Wow, this is powerful stuff. A somewhat misleading Intro, followed by an explosion of pure musical treats. I hear a bit of Scorpions in both, vox and guitars. Wonderfully crafted, cleverly written, loads of exciting FX ... and all your performances are fantastic!
Love it!

05/14/09 07:48:00PM @david-c-deal:
Shane, Michael and Todd, this song certainly carries some killer weight! The contrast from the accoustic lead in to the meat of the song is fantastic. Powerful mix/master production as well. Nice work!
David C Deal

05/13/09 06:37:06PM @dazed:
Hey Shane! Another outstanding tune from you guys. Love the guitar work as always but your vocals and lyrics are just amazing!
05/13/09 04:31:32PM @gary-reed:
Great job! Vocals and musicianship in general are excellent. The mix is top-notch.
KB Bren
05/13/09 01:55:12PM @kb-bren:
Shane great vocals as always! Nice song as well. You guys have a great big sound that is radio ready! Dig it! KB


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