The Erik Jurado Experience
The Erik Jurado Experience

It's Only Knock n Knowle

album: From the Moon
genre: Rock
streams: 34

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working man from a broken landseeks the skies above to lend a handwhile the angels weep for these souls he closed his eyes listened to the rainsoon drifted...
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The story is about a hard working family man who lives in poverty and dreams of a heaven-like place called Knock n Knowle.  He feels a strong desire to let...
It's Only Knock n Knowle
05/18/13 01:40:54PM @lodato:
That opening, it this Erik J? Wow man what a beaut of a song. Your vocal work alone gave me goosebumps! I love watching you unfold into this amazing musician. Spread your gorgeous wings my man and fly!


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