The Erik Jurado Experience
The Erik Jurado Experience

Blow Me Away

album: From the Moon
genre: Acoustic
streams: 231

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we live our lives within a breadth of time we make the best of what we've got even if it's not a lot last night the wind was blowing cold, i felt a chill...
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I wrote this while thinking about my girlfriend and wondering why she puts up with me.
Blow Me Away
05/19/11 08:25:09AM @lucindra:
Not only was the instrumentation a pleasant surprise....

but the vocals and story line were easy to follow....

kinda reminds me getting stoned with Tom Petty....

listening again......I'm really enjoying this...

05/19/11 08:49:47AM @gary-powers:
Hi, this had some nice guitar with nice tone to it, the vocals had a touch of the past, which is a good thing and you brought out your own style in that, we look for things, at times, that are what we like and maybe we are use to or grew up with yet it has its "own stamp" of originality, good job, thanks Gary
05/20/11 06:12:15AM @bri-an:
..dippin into the acoustic realm is a challenge, that for sure...and you pull it off with the vocal melody. different it is. different is good to be.
great to hear this original work.

11/02/11 05:21:22PM @digger-stone:
hey Erik.

this is smoking hot bro... love the words/story and melody you have here! very creative! you play with no fear! that is the most impressive thing to me here, it's the way you put youe self out there for all the world to hear...

well done bro.. i love this!



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